Monday, 23 June 2014

New Studio Move!

So you will know that we have moved house. This has brought a lovely new studio for Lauren Cherice Designs. Located in my very own back garden! Yay! When we moved in we was left some lovely delights including this old metal filling cabinet! It is amazing for storing my dyes and pastes. It was also set up with some great storage shelves.

My screens and squeegees in their new home :)

It was missing one thing.... my print table. On Sunday with some extreme help from my bob the builder the table took back its shape. It was previously in my old studio but it wasn't a successful location due to the water supply not being able to work. Boo plumbing! I am very lucky to have both electric in my studio outside and a water tap in the garden! Yipee! This makes life as a screen printer a lot easier!

After a few hours the table was up! I can't believe it! A 3 meter print table in my own home. Wow, I know how I will be spending my summer days ready for my fairs! Dylan also approved the handy work!

So... with abit more tidying and cleaning I hope to have it all ready to go go go! I will post another pic when its all done :)

Sunday, 22 June 2014

CCAD Degree Show 2014!

Did you miss it? You missed out!! The CCAD degree show is a yearly spectacular I recommend any creative to go see! It is amazing! Even if I may be abit biased as I do love the place! I was there the opening night! It was very inspiring and lovely to see some familiar faces!

The second year studio was also open along with the corridors filled with gorgeous surface design! 

Here is soon to be graduate from BA Textiles... Alex Goldsborough with her work who will be attending New Designers this year! Congratulations! Her work has also been all the way to Surtex in New York!  Her prints featuring architecture from around the world were bold and striking. Great use of print and colour!

I really want to go back!!

I didn't get as many pictures as I hoped but it was fantastic! CCAD will next be exhibiting at New Designers! Best of luck to all the New Graduates and what life holds ahead for you all!

Now I need to get back designing/printing :)