Sunday, 31 October 2010

Colour Palette!

Tonight I have been busy sorting my fabrics and started dying them. This picture shows a basic cotton which I have started with to test the dyes. I am really pleased with how bold and vibrant the colours have come out. I have also chosen a dark brown dye as a contrast to the bright tones.

Minor Project!

The main focus for my visual research came from Glasgow, I especially loved bumping into the beautiful Heron on a walk in the sun. I also visited MayBeck near Whitby. This was on a rainy day but brought out another little piece of wildlife- creeping out of some bark. I think nature is a great form for inspiration and fantastic to draw. I also visited the Botanical Gardens regularly which were another great source and had such a wide variety of florals!

Beginning of 3rd year... Lets Make a Pretty Work Bay!

I really love decorating my bay! It was the first thing I was looking forward to when back at uni! Can't believe its my final year, and nearly November already! Time is going fast.. too fast!