Friday, 29 March 2013

The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle.

I have seen The Biscuit factory on Facebook and always wanted to visit so.. whilst I was in Newcastle I got myself there! It is such a clean and beautiful gallery. It was great to see new upcoming artists work showcased around the gallery and in its shop. 

These bold paintings caught our eye by James Stewart. As I love to draw animals myself it was great to see these. I normally draw on a small scale so I was completely amazed by the scale of these. I love his series of Zebra paintings they reminded me of the work of Andy Warhol. 

Next to The Biscuit Factory is a studio space in which two of my close friends from the class of 2011 at CCAD have. I was very excited to visit their space but also very jealous as I miss us three getting up to mischief at Uni. But... it was great to see them and their work after uni. Here is one of their work bays. 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Newcastle and The Baltic!

Also last week whilst on my trip to Newcastle I went to visit the gorgeous Baltic. If you ever visit Newcastle this is a MUST place to visit! The view alone inside and around the Baltic is beautiful in its self!

One exhibition which caught my eye was the work of Fabrice Hyber. His current exhibition was being built as we visited but unfortunately opened the day after in which I had returned home. 

The Baltic Guide for the exhibition states: "Using a vast array of materials, Fabrice Hyber makes each of his works in response to another. considering works incomplete without and audience much of his exhibition is interactive, allowing his work to be engaged with ever-changing ways." 

I got so excited when the gallery assistant explained some of the pieces you could interact with I am definitely going to have another visit north to see it (I won't tell you what and spoil it for you). The Exhibition is on from 22nd March to 30th June 2013. It was great though to see the work of an exhibition being built. Here I put my paparazzi skills in place again with a quick snap on the man himself. Maybe I'm in the wrong career? :)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Priory 900 Launch! 24th March 2013, Palm Sunday!

Yesterday was the launch of the long awaited celebration... The Priory 900. If you follow me and my work this fantastic celebration began with the name the mouse competition featuring my Mr Mouse which is now called Gilbert de Mouse! 

Arriving at the Priory it was great to see the entire church full showing great support from the residents of Bridlington. Not only was this Palm Sunday and the launch of Priory 900 but we were very excited for the service to be held by the Archbishop of York- John Sentamu. I felt like a paparazzi taking these pictures but I couldn't resist capturing him on my phone.

The Priory is a beautiful building and definitely Bridlington's iconic to the town. I am very honoured to have had a part in this celebration. 

For more information about the forthcoming events this spring/summer check out their website:

Friday, 22 March 2013

A Little Tote Bag Commission!

I can now share with you a special commission for someone's special 13th birthday. I couldn't before as it was a surprise. I thought I would use this design of mine which I love. The majority of my tote bags are all single colour prints at the moment. Although I would love layering different colours with more time. Because this was a special gift I took my time to produce this in a three colour print tote bag.

You may have seen these little hearts below before. These are from my love birds tote and I used these to add a little special detail on the opposite side of the main print.

And there we are. The finished tote ready for ironing and wrapping :)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Etsy Shop is Open!

I am excited to say my Etsy Shop is now up and running! I do need to print/list more items so please bare with me! I began with listing my blue love bird totes as a trial to see how the website works. I am pleased to say this week I have had my first sales. Yipee! So big thank you to those customers. I love my two birds and really enjoy screen printing them, so I need to get cracking with printing some more :)

The lovely My Casita Blog who interviewed me earlier in February for their Blog were one of my first customers. Here is a pictured of them receiving their totes. Find out what they will be for soon :)

Monday, 11 March 2013

New Design: Foxgloves & Butterflies.

I did this drawing last year (seems ages ago) but have always had an idea in mind what I wanted the design to look like. So I thought it was about time I got cracking with it. It felt like being back at uni producing a repeat pattern. It was great! With design I have always loved how with a single image you can produce a beautiful repeat pattern. 
After deciding on a layout which, in this case I chose a block repeat. I then drew out the design onto paper ready to produce a paint out. 

I had a look at the dyes I had available. I am aware I need to broaden my colours but to me this happens during the printing process. The dye I chose was a bottle green with some aubergine. I love/hate how messy using dyes is. Green fingers were a definite! 

Next... was the drawing part. Adding all the detail to the foxgloves. Each flower took just over an hour to add its detail. It was very time consuming but I loved every minute of it. I also found it very theraputic.

After the foxglove detail I just had the butterflies to finish. In this case I chose a gold pen to add the detail. With the majority of the piece being quite dark I think the gold is what it needed. They also look lovely when the light catches them. 

Here we are.. the finish paint out of my new design. The next step is producing a cut-threw and starting the Koda Trace. More details to follow!

©Lauren Cherice Designs

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another Commission... Sandy the Rabbit.

I was asked by a close friend to draw her beloved rabbit Sandy. We all know if we've had a pet how close you get to them. I was very nervous to draw Sandy and hoped I caught his character. Once I got drawing I began to relax and enjoy the drawing process. I thought I would start with drawing his eyes as these are always tricky and also make the person/animal who they are. (And come alive).

Next I started with the outer body shape and then working in detail of his furr. I love drawing on tracing paper with biro. I love the tones the biro creates on tracing paper. It's definitely my favourite media to use.

And here we are. All ready to wrap for Amy. I am pleased to say she loved Sandy. I was very pleased with the finished result. So much I wanted to keep him :) 


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Annual Orchid Festival @ Burton Agnes Hall.

This time last year I visited the annual Orchid Festival at Burton Agnes Hall. So I thought this year I would also go visit them. With a love of drawing flowers, I thought it was a great opportunity to take some photographs. (sorry for the poor quality as they were taken on my iphone)

We also took Dylan with us. He enjoyed a lovely walk around the woodlands of the Hall. The woods are great for children as there is various pieces of fun sculpture for children to spot. Dylan found this one- a wild boar. We thought it was very funny as its nearly the same size of him. 

I think orchids are one of my favourite flowers. I love their different shapes and colours. Can't wait to get drawing them :)

For more pictures of Orchids, you can view my blog post from last year here:

Monday, 4 March 2013

A Review of February!

Well, can you believe it, we're in March already! February was a quick but exciting month. So incase you missed any posts or news I thought I'd sum it up in a blog post for you :)

This month started with finishing a little commission I had been working on. This was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the hand embroidery.

Next... was my trip to visit The Old Grammar School Gallery in Otley, near Leeds. They are the first of my fantastic new stockists this year! The gallery is newly opened and has a monthly market at the end of each month! I am very excited to have my work there.

I was then excited to be interviewed for the Sunday Spotlight Post on the Blog: My Casita! The questions were fantastic. I always find it hard to talk about myself and my work so this was a great opportunity to have a go.

You may of heard about my Mr Mouse being in a competition with Bridlington's Priory 900 festival this year. The winner was announced and I was featured in our local weekly paper called the Bridlington Free Press. This was very exciting. 

I also have another stockist for my Tote Bags... The Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. This is such a beautiful Gallery. Joe Cornish's work is simply stunning! Another Gallery in Yorkshire worth visiting. 

Then regards to drawing I began a new design featuring my foxglove image. I am really excited and love this design. I'm eager to get this on a screen ready to start printing in March. Although it is my Birthday this month so I have lots planned. :) I also now have 3 craft fairs booked for this summer, Bridlington, York and Hornsea! 

Finally, (I think) I was asked to draw Sandy the rabbit for my friend Amy Rudd. He was beautiful to draw. Super cute! I love drawing but thoroughly enjoyed drawing Sandy. His fur was so interesting to capture. What do you think? 

I will be producing a blog post about him from start to finish :) 

Well, I think thats all for now. I have also opened my Etsy shop but it needs more items adding. So just keep a look out :) 

I wonder what March will bring...