Thursday, 30 January 2014

Meet the Maker: Living North.

Yay! This week I bought the latest issue of Living North Magazine and was so excited to see the Meet Maker Feature about myself. Featuring some of my original designs and my most popular design... The Love Birds. It made me feel so proud and I would like to thank the Living North Team for featuring my work. It was lovely to see in this issue many local places also featured such as Scarborough and Sledmere house. 

I am also delighted to announce that I have also applied to be at the York Christmas Living North Fair 2014.... and have been accepted! I cannot wait to start producing new designs/ products and screen prints! So exciting :) 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The North Sea Dip!

Well we did it! On Sunday we did our North Sea Dip. It is fair to say the weather didn't behave itself! Soon as we got to the beach the rain and wind appeared like a storm, never-the-less positive as we all were, we was ready to go for our dip! All dressed in our finest Onesies and Pj's and anything else to help us from the cold. 

This is us getting ready for a picture for the local newspaper. I think this was colder than the sea itself.

I did quite enjoy the dip, laughing and screaming as we ran in. It was actually harder to get out than get in as all our Pj's were full of water. I am glad I had shoes on and didn't go for bare foot as they didn't take as long to warm up.

Here is a couple of action shots of me running out of the sea! 

I would just again like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported us and donated. My page is still open for a few more days. I will post back when we know the total of what we have raised for the Alzheimer's Society.

Big Thanks! 

Lauren x

Friday, 17 January 2014

A little trip to York!

This week I had a lovely little trip to York to catch up with these two from Uni! Its been ages. It was a fab day although the sales did manage to persuade me to spend. Especially in Cath Kidston! How gorgeous is this bedding! I love birds, and love Cath Kidston's current designs which feature some lovely birdies themselves. However I didn't only just treat myself. Dylan got some extra special polka dot food bowls :)

We did try to get into York Minister but when we got inside it appeared to be close. The gift shop however was open and had various souvenirs with peoples names on. As you do, you can't resist having a nosey to see if your names there, this is what I found to my delight.... 

I would like to think its true :)

I also bought this gorgeous butterfly poster in Urban Outfitters. I couldn't resist. The office is nearly finished and I can't wait to get drawing and organising all my art equipment and books! I shall post a picture when its done.

I am also delighted to have had some very generous sponsors for my North Sea Dip which is less than two weeks away! Please feel free to help where you can:

Thursday, 9 January 2014

January Challenges!

Some of you may or may not know but on a Saturday I work at my local Argos retail store. Each year we have a chosen charity which we raise as much money as we can for. As part of a crazy team of retail staff we have decided to take a dip in the freezing cold North Sea in January in our Pj's! All in aid of the fantastic Charity the Alzheimer's Society. I have created an online donating page where you can give as little or as much as you like towards the cause. Please help!

The event will take place at the Bridlington Seaside on Sunday 26th January at 9.30am! If your local please come along and support! More the merrier! And please bring lots of towels and TEA!

Please find the link to the donating page here:

Also with Christmas and New Year out the way, many people are eager and ready to keep fit! I have been set a personal challenge by a family member to run 100km in January. I aren't the best runner but one week in I have tried to push myself as much as I can with my running. Here are a few of the distances I have done.

Up until today I have now run a distance of 16miles which is just over 25km so I am on track being a quarter of the way there and one week into the month. I'm determined to keep this going so will keep you updated on how I do.

I am also excited this week as I am hopefully coming to the end of some general painting and decorating in our 'office' I have really missed my book shelf and in excitement... ordered some lovely inspiring books! Can't wait for them to arrive! Yay!

Finally, thank you to everyone who has sponsored me and my colleagues for the North Sea Dip so far. I will be posting lots of pictures on the day! Unless we are in thick snow! :)

Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013! What a busy year!

I thought I would share with you some bits and bobs from 2013. It seems to have flown by and looking at some of my blog posts from the year I didn't realise how busy and how much I've actually done. 

The year started with me doing some new drawings/designs and working on my studio. Reaching Easter I managed to have myself three retail jobs. Mad I know, working six days a week and managing Lauren Cherice Designs I gave up one of the jobs in August. Then to my delight I was asked to join the CCAD team in September and help out around their new print rooms for the Autumn term. It was so good being back.

In the News:

November brought me an exciting surprise! My very first feature in a magazine! Living North! This has certainly been a huge highlight for this year along with the fair itself.

I have also been in my local paper this year, you will have seen me post about taking part in the Priory 900 celebration and drawing my mouse for the children of Bridlington to name. It has been great being involved with my local community, especially as this is where I am now based.

Also this year my friend Lydia also started up her own business, we have both supported each other with our work and again the free press did a little feature on us :)

I have also been very lucky to have been featured on some lovely blogs :)


Another one of my biggest achievements for this year has been the Living North Fair at York. I had only done small fairs over the summer but thought I would take a risk to get Lauren Cherice Designs more well know and hope others like my designs. I thoroughly enjoyed the Living North Fair, it went as well as I hoped and I loved meeting other stall holders and discussing life, design and business. It was also great to meet people in Yorkshire who follow my work. I would again like to say a big thanks to everyone who popped along, and to the Living North team for a FAB event! 

I have also done other fairs in Bridlington Old Town, Sewerby Hall, The Merchant Hall in York, Hornsea, NFU Mutual in York.

Like I said before I was also back at CCAD, it was great to be around such a busy and creative environment. If I could live in those print rooms I think I would, though they are quite spooky at Halloween. It was great to be back to use the facilities, I spent many of my evenings printing my new designs ready for my fairs. One product/design is my Robin Tea towels. I didn't expect these to be as popular as they were. It was a nice surprise. Mr Robin was a new design for 2013, and I think many took a shine to him :)


I am also delighted to welcome new stockists to the work of Lauren Cherice Designs, the first being the gorgeous The Old Grammar School Gallery in Otley. Dylan has even been by my side to check out the stockists too.  (He thinks he's my boss).

My work can also be found up north at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, where you can find a selection of my hand printed tote bags and little squirrel sewing kits. Also at Studio 61 Gallery at Leashaw Holloway in Derbyshire, here you can find a selection of greetings cards and cushions. 

I also continue to have my work locally at Behind the Times and the Alex May Gallery in Bridlington.

This year I also opened my online Etsy Shop! I was a little nervous but pleased I have had a few sales. It is still open and more items are due to be added very soon.

2013 also brought me one of my proudest moments... meeting Prince Charles and Camilla. The Prince and Duchess visited Bridlington in the Summer to celebrate the town's Priory Church turning 900. As I had been involved with the celebration I was over the moon to be asked to the service! It is one afternoon I will never forget! 

Finally, although I am sure I have probably forgotten something... Brid Bay Knitters turned 1! This is very exciting, and not long in April 2014 we will be turning 2! I have been naughty and neglected my knitting for printing whilst doing my fairs but I am excited to get back to it in the new year!

I hope you all have a fab new year and 2014 brings you as much happiness, memories and love as 2013.

Thank you to everyone for their on going support with me and my work. It means a lot to me.

Lots of Love, Lauren :)