Sunday, 31 August 2014

Exciting Times Ahead For Bridlington Businesses!

Do you live in Bridlington? Have you wondered what all the rubbish outside Tony's textiles has been about? All the hard work and building work that's been going on? Well now its time to find out!

Tony's Textiles of Bridlington has now departed and the Victoria Mill now has some new residents. Some very excited locals of Bridlington with developing businesses! 

Tony's Textiles may have ended like this....

But it is now developing into something much more.....

The Priory boys started the ball rolling with an expansion of their shop of two years on Manor Street.  With a successful website online, and brands developing it is now the perfect time for the team to expand and more space was much needed. With The Victoria Mill on the shops doorstep is a great venture!

The building work has started, with some heavy sanding on the floor and walls, its all set to go go go, to get the place in shape for the lovely residents of Bridlington and beyond.

The Priory isn't the only local business getting involved. Have you heard of Crema Espresso? Award winning Oakley Wheelwright, owner of Crema Espresso is also moving in! If you need that early morning wake up call! Its going to be the perfect place to pop down. Why not have a coffee while you browse a new outfit?

So ladies? are you wondering what's in this for you? No need to worry... while your other half is browsing the menswear, you too can taste Oakley's blends, or why not check out local Jennifer Holdsworth's arrange of organic beauty products. Jennifer is also from Bridlington joining this new venture and bringing to you some new brands that are yet to be seen locally in Bridlington. So fear not ladies, maybe if your partner is treating himself, he might treat you too. 

And... I am also excited to be having a small space inside the mill. Which will hopefully the corner space on the right hand side in the photo above. I'm very excited to have another place to share my work to the locals of Bridlington.

Well that's it for now. I will keep you up to date with more progress very soon! There still lots of hard work ahead but everyone is working so hard. I'm sure, fingers crossed it will look fantastic once it's ready!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Printing in My Studio for the First Time!

I am so excited to get printing in my studio! I only printed a couple of cushions but it was a start!
My table is about three metres long so I should be able to print some larger pieces soon! I had been slightly putting off printing because I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wash my screens, but using the long planter I bought was fine. Next to my studio I also have a water butt. This is great as I can recycle the rain water for cleaning my screens. 

My next task is to finish my new designs and get some lovely new pastes mixed up. That can be the messy part.

I also hope to get a heater in the studio for winter, I think it might get quite cosy. Dylan has had a little nosey inside but he is yet to settle in while I print. Maybe he deserves a new studio bed :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

For the Love of....

Last bank holiday Sunday I was in Whitby at the gorgeous Brunswick centre at the For the Love of Vintage and Handmade Fair. I have never had a stall in Whitby before but I'm glad I did as I had my lovely friend Lucy keep me company. It was also great to meet lots of people visiting the historic seaside town for the summer holidays. 

I had to make sure I stayed firmly at my stall as I always get the urge to seek out something lovely to buy. There was such a fab selection of vintage finds to buy. Especially clothes!

It was my first "For the Love of..." fair but isn't my last I will be joining them again at Christmas in York in November! Watch this space for more info!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

For the Love of... Vintage & Handmade Fair!

I am very excited to be at Whitby this bank holiday weekend with the For the Love of Vintage & Handmade Fair. My first fair gearing up for Christmas. I am very excited!

Doors open at 10.30am! I will be there with many of my favourite designs and hope to meet some lovely new people from along the Yorkshire coast and beyond :)

I hope to see some of you there!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Run of Dye 2014!

Last weekend I took part in the Run or Dye event at Castle Howard in Yorkshire. All geared up in my running gear all I needed was my white Run or Dye T-shirt. I was ready and began the 5K race very clean.....

We then slowly began to get more and more colourful. I did the event with my two close friends Lydia ad Jade. At each 1KM we got showered by people ready and waiting to throw coloured dye at you. It was so exciting to see everyone smiling and too exciting to find out which colour would be next.

I don't know how my phone survived the event, I was worried but it did, and we got some fantastic photographs of the event! Being a girl, pink was the favourite colour to get thrown :)

After the run everyone gathered around the stage with music and more dye being thrown in celebration. It was fantastic and such a fab experience. I have never ran any type of race before and it was such an enjoyable experience with two of my close friends, and what better way to make you happy than have loads of colour thrown at you! All ages ran from big to small.

Here is one of the dye stops. Now you may be worried what this is doing to the environment. The dye is an eco friendly plant based powder! So no need to worry. You may only need to worry about your clothes. :)

Many were in neon tutu's and other fancy dress. What caught everyones eyes was this couple dressed as the bride and groom. Her dress did begun the journey white but by the end was a lovely rainbow of colour. I think it is such a fab idea. More so for the bride than the groom.

The grounds were fantastic. I have been to Castle Howard before the visit the house and gardens. The poor people visiting on the day must of been slightly worried they would end up covered in colour themselves. Here is a little picture of me jumping with excitement. 

It was great to see so many people running for what ever reasons they have, whether it was personal, charity or just for fun. It didn't matter whether you was a keen runner, it was about enjoying the experience and enjoying the colour. I have such a laugh.