Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Living North 2014!

November began and so did my fairs! They seemed to arrive and go as quickly as Christmas has. I also seem to have been neglecting my blog so I am trying to get a few posts in for you to read before the new year. :)

I loved the run up to my fairs. It was a little chilly in the studio but I was fine printing away with my heater and radio on full. Although with this sudden change I can barely step out side in the garden Bbbrrrrr. 

Incase you missed it at all. This was my stand. Slightly different from the year before but in the same location. For those of you who did pop by it was so nice to see some returning people. It was also lovely to catch up with stall holders from the previous years. 

I tried to print as many of your favourites as possible but I did find each day you seemed to have a different favourite design. I think mine has to be Dylan or Mr Duck. They both put a smile on my face each day. 

This year I had some new additions to the collection. I have produced some notebooks and also some hand drawn Christmas decorations. 

Here is a close up of my decorations. What do you think? 

The weekend was very busy. Again I loved every minute of the experience, I hope to be in the same place and spot next year. Fingers crossed :)

Monday, 29 December 2014

Dads Army Hits Bridlington!

Wow, I have had a busy month in November and December and just realised I have completely neglected my blog! Naughty me. So I am back and I have loads to blog about before the year is up. Firstly, it has been such a fantastic time in Bridlington for the community. It has been the home for a few weeks for the Dads Army crew for their new film to be released in 2016. I myself, was even lucky to have them film on the same street, five doors down. 

Their main filing took place on the Old Town High Street of Bridlington. The shops were painted and completely transformed into a Walmington-on-sea. Many people visited from across Yorkshire. It's a shame it wasn't summer, it was a little chilly stood watching :)

Here are some of the shops....

I popped down to the old town on a couple of occasions to have a go at star spotting. As a little girl I grew up watching Dads Army regularly with my grandad. I cannot wait to see the film. 

I was also lucky enough to get nearly face to face with Catherine Zeta Jones. She was absolutely beautiful. She arrived and left the set in a blacked out car but it was amazing to see her filming from a distance and then see her close up. The town was full of excitement. 

They filmed during the day and at night. Using a large light in the sky to create moonlight upon the high street. I was lucky enough to have them film outside my house using this. They turned all the standard street lights off and this was the only light.

The film isn't due out till apparently 2016. That seems like such a long time! I'm sure Bridlington will be counting down the days. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Where you can find Lauren Cherice...

We are now entering the festive season with Halloween and Bonfire night behind us. I am very busy getting my products and designs ready for my Christmas Fairs running though-out November and part of December. So this is where you can find me. 

Starting of next weekend... We have the Living North Fair at York Racecourse! I am so excited this is my second year at the Event! This year I will have some new products and designs with me, along with some of your favourites. 

Next up is another event in York. This time in the city centre. York is such a lovely place to be at Christmas. The city is filled with many events for the festive season and the Home and Lifestyle Fair is certainly on for your Diaries. This is my first time at The Hospitium in York. So I am very excited! 

You can also find my work at The Dickensian Festival in Bridlington on the 23rd of Nobember at The Alex May Gallery on the Old Town Highstreet. 

The following weekend you can find me at two more events locally in Yorkshire...

29th November, Boynton Village Fair 1.30-3.30pm

30th November, Burton Constable Hall

Then my final event is bringing me back home to Bridlington Spa. This is a two day event at the beginning of December! 

I hope to see some of you there and is looking forward to meeting some new people! 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

New drawings on the go!

I have been super busy over the last month or so drawing lots of new designs. I have now got quite a few of these onto a silk screen so I can next share with you how they will develop.

It does feel strange to stop the drawing stage as I still have the drawing bug but now its time to get messy and get printing! 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Artwaves Festival!

The Artwaves festival came to Bridlington Spa this October. So I went for a little nosey to see whats going on!

My friend Leanne was there having a stall with other local artists. Leanne is also taking part in the East Yorkshire open studios with her work located at Behind the Times in Bridlington. Leanne's work is inspired by fantasy literature. The Eat Yorkshire open studios is also on this weekend, you can find out where to find everyone on their website:

I am looking forward to having a nosey in some peoples studios this weekend! 

There was such a great variety of work for all ages, a giant area for children to experiment in, a doodle wall, and much more, including various work shops!

There was also a fantastic graffiti mural being produced down the side of the spa. The colours were amazing and I especially loved the fish.

My next post will be the open studios :)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Victoria Mill is Open!

Photo credit :Walker and Walker Photography

Well here we are after having been opened a week! It's been a long few months and a lot of hard work with everyone trying to transform this fantastic building into something for many of Bridlington and beyond.

It has been so lovely to meet many new faces and seeing friends and family also popping by for support.

We was also featured in the Bridlington Free Press which was great! 

Whether you just want to start your day in somewhere relaxing (if your me, brownie and a hot chocolate) The Victoria Mill has something for everyone.

It has been great to hear people's opinions of the transformation. Although we have had a few people still looking for Tonys Textiles :) 

So inside we have a continuation of The Priory Menswear...

Tiger Lillie's Bath and Beauty products... 

The Brew Mill...

And little old me :)

The Victoria Mill is open week days Monday to Friday till 5pm and Saturdays 9-5.30pm! Pop in and say hello :)

We hope you like it! Enjoy!

You can also find us all on Facebook here:

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Harrogate Gift and Fashion Fair!

On Friday it was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and I had tickets to go to the Harrogate Fashion and Gift fair! We are now quickly approaching Christmas, yes! Dare I say it, its less than 100 days before Christmas I believe! I was also checking the place out to see if this would be somewhere I would like to exhibit in the future.

There was definitely a huge variety of stalls. Some certainly caught my eye, but I was good not to spend!

Out of Africa Gifts was a strange stall for me, it brought back many memories from my trip to Africa. All its product is imported from mainly Kenya itself. You could see how they were handcrafted. It was beautiful and was lovely to see many things I have myself from my own visit. The work is beautiful. 

I also met the lovely Jam Creations. I am very excited I bought some gorgeous items for my home from her stall. But I've had to save them for Christmas as they are now a treat from a friend. When I am allowed them! I will share them. Check out the business cards of some of my favourite stalls below...

Food stalls always catch my eye, especially if they sell anything involving chocolate. 

Love Brownies, definitely passed the taste test! They deliver also in time for Christmas which is fab! I was tempted to keep going round and round and eating all their samples :)

It was also interesting to see the layouts of stalls. I have used crates myself in the past but they seem to be as popular as ever this year. I need to get my thinking cap on how I can dress my stall for my Christmas events this year! 

Not long to go! 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Robert E Fuller Exhibition @ Burton Agnes Hall.

Today I went to visit Burton Agnes Hall and its latest exhibition, the work of local artist Robert E Fuller. I have never seen his work before but knew his interests were similar to mine. Well, it was truly inspiring. His work is so details. I was fascinated by how he had captured each piece of wildlife.

This little hedgehog was my favourite, he certainly puts my little drawings to shame. Isn't he adorable! 

He has a fab selection of his work for sale including originals. His work fills the long gallery at the top of the hall. You certainly miss whats around you when your busy looking at these pieces. They are amazing!


Robert also has his own gallery, located in Thixendale near Malton and also organises fantastic trips where you can join him and his passion for wildlife abroad. You can certainly see his love for animals by how he talks about them on his blog:


His work is available to view at the Hall until the 5th of October, get yourselves there! 

Feeling inspired, I went to visit the local pond to see if I could capture some nature to draw myself. I was greeted by these ginormous geese!