Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Arrival of Prince Charles and Camilla!

As some of you may know I was honoured to receive an invite to the Priory to meet Prince Charles and Camilla. It was such an amazing experience to have and one I will never forget. I am very grateful to the Priory 900 team for inviting me. I thought I would share with you some photographs my nan took from outside the Priory. We were not allowed photography inside the Priory itself but I am happy with my hans paparazzi effort. :)

Here they are being introduced to the Mayor of Bridlington and his wife. 

I love this photo it looks like he is about to burst out into a dance.

A close up shot of Camilla.

I loved how the Royal visit brought the community of Bridlington together. The town was very excited and it made me proud to live here. :)

From Yorkshire with Love!

This weekend I spent it at the lovely heart of Yorkshire (well I'd say it is) at the city of York. It is such a beautiful city and the historic Merchant Hall itself was beautiful alone without any of our stalls in there. 

When I had got all set up I had a brief little walk around the building before doors opened. It was another one of our sunny summer days. I was slightly worried we might get some thunder showers. 

The atmosphere in the building was completely different to the last two events I have recently done. The event had a more vintage feel with live singers in the afternoon to serenade us. 

My little ladder with my totes on :)

Here we have my little stall. I have got into a little routine with my stall and organising where everything goes. I hope this is a good thing. I am planning to change it all around for my Christmas events. (Soon to be announced) Mr Duck seemed to be catching everyones eyes on Sunday. He certainly was Mr Popular. 

What I also love about doing these events is meeting other stall holders and the lovely public. Two people I got to have a natter with on the day is a new company called "Clean Slate" who was established this year in March. I fell in love with their hand crafted heart cake stand. I am sure I will have to use it on my stall to display something at one event. It is simply gorgeous. 

Another lovely face to see was Teacup Tweed. I first was introduced to the lovely Lizzie last Christmas as the Designers Marketplace and have followed her progress since. Teacup Tweed produce gorgeous furnishings for the home made in North Yorkshire but with a Scottish Heart.
You can find their Etsy shop here:

From Yorkshire with Love was such a great event. I definitely had a fantastic time. For their future events you can check out their Website here:

They took some lovely photo's of the event which can be viewed here by Todd and Moore: 

I would just like to say a big well done to the From Yorkshire with Love Team! 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Knitting Clubs Creations!

Tonight we have had another knitting club session. I thought I would share with you some of the creations made by these talented ladies. We are a mixed ability group which is great as we all learn from each other. Some crochet too which is now becoming popular with the group. I was also delighted to see three new members turn up. It is great meeting new people. At present we have about 15 members. Its fantastic.

You may have seen me post on Instagram this picture of Maggie's selection of beautiful British made wool. She has now transformed them from balls into this stunning crochet fabric which is to be made into a cushion. 

Maggie has developed her crochet skills over the last few weeks with some help from the lovely Rowena. 

Above: Maggie's Crochet & Weave Bowl.

Above: Rowena's Crochet Flower

Some of the members of the group have been knitting doll's clothes which are to be sent to Nepal to have a new home with a doll called Tasha which has already been sent. I haven't tried to knit anything yet as I am still a beginner but this lovely outfit was produced by Karen.

A Lovely Newborn Hat made by Karen.

Fianlly, another piece by Rowena. A few weeks a go she created a poppy cushion in cream. This week she came along with the same design on a light brown/grey. I love the poppy's. This is going to be my next task! I am determined to be learnt how to make this gorgeous item! 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

John Lewis:Coronation Dresses:Daniel

I am so honoured/proud that one of my friends Daniel Hubbard from Bridlington has had a role creating these beautiful iconic creations to celebrate the Queen's Coronation Anniversary. Daniel designed the dresses from the archive images and modified a few things but kept them true to the archive images.

The dresses originated from the John Lewis' archive from 1953, and prints were digitized and altered from the archive also, some of which originated from the 1800's and were hand painted.

All these beautiful dresses have been made in the UK, and are being showcased in fashion shows at Buckingham Palace Gardens between 11th july and 14th july to celebrate the Queens Coronation Anniversary.The only people to show case at this event are royal warrant holders.

The dresses have also been featured in Hello! magazine as a competition that you can enter and win one of the dresses of your choice made in your size. How fantastic! They have also been featured in the evening standard and

If you would like to see the dresses them selves, they are currently in the window of the John Lewis Store Oxford Street.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New Stockist! Studio 61 Gallery.

I am very excited to share with you my new stockist, the lovely Studio 61 Gallery run by Karina Goodman. The Gallery is based near by to the beautiful peak district in Leashaw Holloway, Derbyshire.  I first came across Studio 61 Gallery via Facebook and have been following their posts for a while. I completely love the warm feel the studio has and knew my work could fit right in and make its self at home. 

Karina works and displays her own wonderful art work in the gallery and has the reputation of selling high quality made British work. I am very excited for my birdies and friends to have flown the nest down South. 

Available to purchase at the gallery is a selection of my screen printed cushions, giclee prints and greetings cards. Featuring the favourite love birds design and Mr Squirrel just to name a few. 

For further information about the gallery please check out their website:

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sewerby Hall Orangery and The Free Press!

So here we are in July already! Can you believe it. As I keep saying I really don't know where this year is going. On Sunday I had another stall in the beautiful Orangery. I was slightly worried incase we had some rain but I was completely wrong. The sun came out and it had to be one of the hottest days we have had for a while. The grounds of Sewerby was full of families enjoying the glorious weather and stunning scenery. However, I'm not sure why I took a picture of the ceiling of the Orangery but I thought it was interesting. 

At Sewerby there was a lovely stall selling knitted items for Macmillan. I absolutely fell in love with this little house which turned into a tissue box. The lady showed us how they were made. I think they are fantastic and even better.. for a great cause. 

So here you are, a little picture of me. At my last event I had a 12ft table so I was finding it very difficult to condense my stock to fit a 6ft space but I got there in the end. What do you think?

I was also very happy to see an article published in the local paper- The Bridlington Free Press about me and my friend Lydia and our businesses. I wasn't sure when it was going to be in so it was lovely to wake up Thursday morning with some messages from close friends saying they had seen it.

Finally, just to let you know my next event is at the end of July at the Merchant Adventurer's Hall in York. It is such a beautiful building and I am very excited to be in such a beautiful city in the heart of Yorkshire.

Hope to see some of you there :)