Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Stockist: Joe Cornish Gallery, Northallerton.

I am very excited to announce a new stockist of my tote bags! The Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton has a small selection of my hand printed tote bags! I am very excited to have my items at another fantastic gallery! Also in Yorkshire! 

Along side the fantastic work of Joe Cornish are items by other artists. What caught my eye was the ceramic work of Fiona Mazza. Her ceramic pots look beautiful and the fact they resemble butterfly wings makes them even more stunning. Such a great idea for a design! 

Joe Cornish's work is simply stunning, his photography is so clear and sharp. The colours he has captured in the landscapes is fantastic. They were really amazing, I found myself getting lost within them. 

Dylan was also allowed in the Gallery but I think the beautiful work was too much for him as he wanted to hide under this table! (It was also his first trip out away from Bridlington).

The Shop where my totes will have their new home.

For more information about the gallery check out their website: 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Introducing you to Clothier Jones!

Today I would like to introduce you to Clothier Jones, a new online Interiors brand with a huge love for handmade products. Made by hand in a small workshop in Yorkshire, all their furniture is truly unique. Their new "Modern Living" range is being launched this Spring.What I love about Clothier Jones is their passion about what they do:

"We're passionate about what we do because we feel furniture is art. Choose outlandish styles and colours, or play it safe with the traditional tried and tested - but do it your way."

Integra Writing Desk

Agranda Bench

Integra Writing Desk

Agranda Bench

 You can certainly tell in these pictures of their products they have been crafted by the finest!  I love the Agranda Bench in the way it fits in both styles of home. Simple yet beautifully made. It is also available in three fantastic colour ways- Rosewood, Heritage Blue and Arctic White. 

"Both of these pieces exhibit the strength, reliability and endurance you should expect from a product designed and handmade in Britain." 

For further information about this range please follow this link to the Clothier Jones Website:
or drop them an email: 

Clothier Jones also have a beautiful variety of chaise longues, sofas, arm chairs, arm chairs, stool and ottomans available in a wide range of fabrics and finishing touches. All made for your desired choice.



Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Vintage Wedding Bouquets and Jewellery.

My Friend Lydia Rose is very passionate about recycling unwanted jewellery items. For her own wedding she produced this beautiful bouquet made from all kinds of Jewellery finds,both new and old. Along with three for her very lucky bridesmaids.
She is now continuing her love for making these extra special items and requests any unwanted jewellery either for sale or free. Any Enquiries, please feel free to email Lydia at Thank you :)

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Snowdrop Spectacular!

Sometimes pictures say everything. So for this blog post, I will let you enjoy the lovely pictures from my trip to the 'Snowdrop Spectacular' at Burton Agnes Hall. 

Dylan was ready for a sit down after all that walking. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A little Commission :)

A few weeks ago, I completed my first little commission for a friend who gave me free reign on what I could produce for them. The main task being they wanted this poem which has sentimental value to them on a piece of fabric. 
I thought about putting the text on the screen but in the end decided to embroider the wording by hand. This was quite time consuming but I found it a rather relaxing change compared to my normal screen printing. 

After all the embroidering the next task was to make the plain white fabric come to life with some colour. This bit scared me as I had taken so much time with the embroidery, if the colour went wrong it would be such a shame. After quizzing my friend about colour I chose a lemon yellow and an orange scarlet dye. Using a paint brush I painted the dye directly onto the fabric whilst wet letting the two colours merge. I chose to the keep the dye the lightest around the text. 

Then it was the part I was also very excited about... adding abit of screen print! The lady who the poem was for LOVES animals so I knew she would be a fan of Mr Squirrel!

Mr Squirrel was then brought to life a little with some embroidery for himself.

And there you go! The finished piece! 

Monday, 11 February 2013

New Stockist- The Old Grammar School Gallery in Otley!

You may have seen on my Facebook and Twitter this week that I have a new stockist of my products- The lovely Old Grammar School Gallery in Otley. 
I have never been to Otley so decided to take a little road trip and visit the gallery myself. Otley is a lovely little town near Leeds. The countryside surrounding it was so beautiful covered in this weeks snow. As a child I was lucky enough to visit lots of stately homes/castles and Otley is located near the fantastic Harewood House. (I also recommend this for visiting). 

By myself for sale, I have a selection of my hand printed tote bags and cushions which I print from my home in Bridlington. I also have my range of greetings cards and Giclee prints featuring some of my favourites- Mr Duck and Mr Owl. 

Here is a little picture of my card display in the Gallery :)

The current exhibition at the gallery for February is the work of David Johnson.

"The exhibition, entitled ‘A Study of Trees’ by David Johnson, comprises 38 paintings using oil and acrylic to express the trees in a manor not too far removed from the portraiture Johnson is traditionally known for."

 The work was simply striking and bold, especially with such vibrant use of colour and mark making. The exhibition is on till the end of February. Go check it out now! 

For more info on the gallery check out their website:

Monday, 4 February 2013

Some Beautiful Pictures of Bridlington on Instagram by Lynne Morelli

Over the last year, one app which has become increasingly popular is the photo editing app- Instagram. I love to use it myself and like other networking sites it is a great way to share your favourite moments in pictures with others. One person whose work I have become a huge fan of is the work of Lynne Morelli.
Lynne has traveled all around the country taking beautiful landscape shots of the sights around her. I was very happy to notice these familiar shots of Bridlington in some of her latest posts. 

I love Lynne's use of contrasting colours; the blue bright sky in contrast to the dirty north east sea water. It simply looks beautiful. They definitely make Bridlington shine as a seaside town.

To View more of Lynne's Work you can find her Instagram page here: 

Or for any enquiries drop her an email: 

You can find me too :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Emma Bridgewater for Red Nose Day at TKMax

Can you believe it.. It's nearly that time of year again for Comic Relief. Everyone- get your red noses! 
I was very excited to see this years lovely limited edition items for sale in aid of the charity! 
This lovely selection of home wares is by Emma Bridgewater is exclusive to TKMax! I think they are so funny and will definitely be flying out the shops! 

I love the funny jokes on these T-Towels! 

You can buy from any of this range online today:

Along with the lovely home ware range by Emma Bridgewater, we have the annual T-Shirt Designed by Stella McCartney. They are equally fun and comical!