Sunday, 29 December 2013

Last Fair of 2013!

I know its nearly a little late but I thought I would just share with you some pictures from my last fair of this year. Here I was at the Merchant Hall in York with the From Yorkshire with Love Team. I had a stall there last summer and it such a beautiful location I thought I would come back for the Christmas season.

This time round I had a few new designs and some different products at hand! It was also lovely to see some familiar faces from the Living North event in November! 

I also want to add I have now finished my time at CCAD helping out as a print technician. It is always a pleasure being back but I am looking forward to spending January planing more designs and hopefully popping back up for print club! 

I hope you have all had a fab Christmas and if you have opened a present to find a Lauren Cherice product you love it! 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Giveaway Over on Beckabonce!

Beckabonce have featured me and my work on their blog a few times, I have now teamed up with them to giveaway some of my products to some of her lucky readers! Just in time for Christmas!

All you need to do is -

Deadline is Thursday 19th December and the winner will be announced on Friday 20th December.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Its nearly Christmas......

Just a quick post for you all, can you believe its DECEMBER tomorrow! Another year of blogging is quickly coming to an end and another year begins... So with Christmas emerging I thought I best get my Squirrel Stockings on my Etsy Shop. They have been to my Christmas events with me so far. It is fair to say I love printing a lot more than sewing but it was a nice change.

The stockings come in a white, burgundy and red trim. At the moment they are only listed in white and red. I am hoping to list the burgundy ones tomorrow along with my Christmas cards :) I hope you like!

All images and design Copyright to Lauren Cherice Designs 2013. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Dickensian Festival, Bridlington 2013.

This weekend it was lovely to be back home and have my work exhibit in my home town of Bridlington. I did completely forget that the stall was outside but I braved the cold until the evening rain came down. 

It was fantastic to see lots of local faces out for the Bridlington Dickensian Festival. The high street in the historic old town of Bridlington was full of lovely stalls and families enjoying the afternoon. Although windy my stall managed to stay intact, it was lovely as I was opposite the Alex May Gallery which also represent me and my work in Bridlington, along with other local artists.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get many photographs from the day as I didn't dare get my hands out my pockets as it was so cold. I am really enjoying these Christmas fairs. I will let you know how my next one goes, which is infact today! 

Surface Design @ CCAD Hartlepool.

Last week I wasn't at CCAD as you all know I was at the Living North Fair in York. I was delighted to return and see the Textiles Exhibition in the college entrance, with some very recognisable work... my furnishing fabrics from my Final Major Project. Yay! It was great to see them back on show after so long. You can also see a selection of work from the Contemporary Textile Practice students. I can't take credit for the realistic fish hung from the necks on the mannequins. They are so realistic. 

All Images and Designs Copyright to Lauren Cherice Designs 2013. 

Living North Fair 2013!

Well on the 14th of November began an extremely busy weekend for Lauren Cherice Designs. The Living North Fair at York Racecourse. I was slightly nervous on what to expect as this was my biggest event to date. 

At Living North I was launching some new designs and ideas. The first being my Robin design featured on tea towels (seen above) cushions, cards, prints and tote bags. I do love the robin design as its slightly different to my other prints being a two tone. 

Also for this event I have a new selection of flyers. With social media growing rapidly it is quite difficult to get all relevant information onto a tiny business card. Therefore I opted for a leaflet. After an afternoons work my stand was ready for the weekend ahead...

                                                  What do you think?

Furthermore, I also had my Christmas card designs being launched. Mr Duck in his hat seemed to catch many peoples eyes and I was over the moon that he completely sold out! I hope he puts a smile on people's faces when they receive him at Christmas. 

I was also so excited to find out I was featured in last months Living North Magazine on their Living North Loves Page. Yay! The feature has definitely been one of Lauren Cherice Designs' highlights so far along its journey. 

Here are some more shots from the event :)

My Stockings also made their first appearance. Overall it was a great weekend. I am very happy with how the event went. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet people and discuss screen printing and my work. It was also interesting to see which designs people liked the most and what designs people would like to see. 

I also brought home my little sign as a souvenir. It would of only gone in the bin I'm sure ;)

Thank you for everyone who came by to visit and have supported Lauren Cherice Designs so far.

All images and text Copyright to Lauren Cherice Designs 2013. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


As you will know I have been busy preparing for  my Christmas fairs, starting with the Living North one this weekend at York Racecourse! This weekend I was finishing off sewing my Christmas stockings. I am very pleased with how they have turned out as I am not a keen sewer as I am a printer. 

What do you think?

I have also been printing some fabrics for sale. These are a selection of small samples I will be selling which people can use for appliqué or possibly bunting? It features my jungle print on a small scale? 

Dylan was also in for a treat this week with another costume. This week he wanted (without choice) to be a HOT DOG! haha I thought he would hate it but he was running about after his toys in it for a short time. I have also spent the last week printing my Robin tea towels. I was nervous printing them as I wanted them to be perfect but I am very pleased how they have turned out. These will be showcased with me this weekend :) 

One of my dreams has to sell my own fabrics. Even though I would love to do this on a larger scale I just don't have all the facilities yet, but I am nearly there. Here I have some small cotton fabric pieces of my exotic jungle design and my foxglove design. The fabric sizes do vary slightly and these will also be for sale at the weekend. 

Finally, my Christmas greetings cards arrived yay! I was also pleased with these. This time I produced a multidirectional repeat design for a change using my original holly illustration. I also managed to complete all my squirrel kits! Yay! So that was another thing crossed off my list :)

So what do you think?

You can find me this weekend at York Racecourse 15th-17th November! 

All Images and Designs Copyright to Lauren Cherice Designs 2013. 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas Adverts are in full swing!

The Christmas adverts have started to appear in fully swing this weekend on our TV. With the first showing of some favourites on Saturday! It was hard to miss which were your favourites on various networking sites. I thought I would share some of those with you today that I particularly like. 

First up we have the John Lewis Advert, The Bear and Hare. It is simply beautiful and nearly put a tear to my eye. I won't spoilt the story for you, click the link and have a watch yourself. :)  

Another advert that grabbed my attention is the M&S Christmas advert. It combines some classic fairytale stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz with their clothes and accessories in a subtle way. And also features some famous faces. 

Then you can't beat your old favourites.... everyone seems to be waiting eagerly for the well loved Coca Cola Truck advert. Oh boy did we know it had been on via Facebook and Twitter. You certainly know its the festive season when it is on. We all love it.

Finally, one of my old favourites as a child has to be the Toys R Us advert featuring Geoffrey the Giraffe. I just love the song and it just makes you want to sing a long. It makes me feel like a Big Kid :)

I hope you enjoy. 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Two weeks to go! Living North Christmas Fair 2013!

There is two weeks to go till the Living North Chritmas Fair in York which opens on the 15th of November! This time in two weeks time, I will have my stand ready and waiting for visitors on Friday! With it being Halloween today and Bonfire night next week I am getting quite excited for Christmas coming along. I have also got my Christmas cards on their way to me, I am very nervous I hope they are ok. I am excited to share them with you. :)

Tickets are for sale on their website:

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Another Busy Week!

It has certainly been another busy weekend in Bridlington. This weekend brought hundreds of vespa lovers to the seaside town to celebrate the annual Scooter Rally. I was also delighted to find out my cushions which were in Behind the Times in Bridlington have also found themselves some new homes. So this afternoon.. I got printing some more cushions to restock :)

The Love Birds are still a strong favourite. 

With October also coming to a quick end I thought my Christmas Card designs better make an appearance. Here is a sneak peak of a couple of them. I am very excited for their arrival but also slightly nervous. I shall let you know when they do. I have also been busy getting my little squirrel kits ready! So they are also in production :)

Also this week, Bridlington received a visit from its annual travelling fun fair. I have been every year since I was a child when I can. I love the atmosphere, music and lights. I had a couple of goes on some prize winning games. I didn't win anything but it was very fun! It was also fab to bump into some familiar faces! 

I hope your all having a great week so far! 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

More Printing!

It has been a busier week at CCAD. Students are busy busy busy preparing for their hand in, in a few weeks time. I do remember that feeling well! In my spare time on an evening I have been back printing again. This week I did a sample of my rabbit which I drew a while back. He has printed quite well but I think my robin is my new favourite. 

I also got the chance to get printing with my Foxglove design. This was alot of fun and very exciting. I have printed some pieces of fabrics to sell at the Living North Fair in a few weeks time. So far the colours I have printed is a bordeaux and a natural. I'm hoping to get some more printed next week :) 

This week Dylan also got his first Christmas jumper! I'm yet to get him the ones I've made as I have a couple of finishing touches to add. But being away up North I have missed a few Knitting Group meetings. I hope they will forgive me. I think he is quite a fan of this one though :) 

All Imagery and Designs Copyright to Lauren Cherice Designs 2013.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Designs: New Screens to Play with!

Hi all. I am still back at CCAD at the moment, I love spending my spare evenings trying to get some of my work done which is fantastic. The new print areas, dye lab and mixing studio are all fantastic. I have also thoroughly enjoyed being in some of the student work shops. In the future I would love to run my own screen printing work shops so it is great to see Vicky in action! (The pro) :)

For this weeks samples it has all been about my Foxglove design and Mr Robin. I have a few more little designs but these are yet to be tested. I am so happy with the outcome of these two screens. I always get anxious making my screens so when I get to see the first printed result it makes me feel fantastic! I get so excited!

The other high light of my week was producing a jelly! As this is one of my favourite food! Your never too old for some wobbly jelly I say! 

What do you think?