Sunday, 31 August 2014

Exciting Times Ahead For Bridlington Businesses!

Do you live in Bridlington? Have you wondered what all the rubbish outside Tony's textiles has been about? All the hard work and building work that's been going on? Well now its time to find out!

Tony's Textiles of Bridlington has now departed and the Victoria Mill now has some new residents. Some very excited locals of Bridlington with developing businesses! 

Tony's Textiles may have ended like this....

But it is now developing into something much more.....

The Priory boys started the ball rolling with an expansion of their shop of two years on Manor Street.  With a successful website online, and brands developing it is now the perfect time for the team to expand and more space was much needed. With The Victoria Mill on the shops doorstep is a great venture!

The building work has started, with some heavy sanding on the floor and walls, its all set to go go go, to get the place in shape for the lovely residents of Bridlington and beyond.

The Priory isn't the only local business getting involved. Have you heard of Crema Espresso? Award winning Oakley Wheelwright, owner of Crema Espresso is also moving in! If you need that early morning wake up call! Its going to be the perfect place to pop down. Why not have a coffee while you browse a new outfit?

So ladies? are you wondering what's in this for you? No need to worry... while your other half is browsing the menswear, you too can taste Oakley's blends, or why not check out local Jennifer Holdsworth's arrange of organic beauty products. Jennifer is also from Bridlington joining this new venture and bringing to you some new brands that are yet to be seen locally in Bridlington. So fear not ladies, maybe if your partner is treating himself, he might treat you too. 

And... I am also excited to be having a small space inside the mill. Which will hopefully the corner space on the right hand side in the photo above. I'm very excited to have another place to share my work to the locals of Bridlington.

Well that's it for now. I will keep you up to date with more progress very soon! There still lots of hard work ahead but everyone is working so hard. I'm sure, fingers crossed it will look fantastic once it's ready!

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