Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care!

With a very busy Bridlington for the Scooter Weekend! We knew the town's bars and pubs would be full of people for the scooter rally! So it was a great chance for us to get out our buckets and go collecting for Marie Curie Cancer Care! 

"Marie Curie Nurses are so important in our communities, they put caring back into nursing, looking after both patients and families in their own homes. A £20 donation pays for one hour of care."  

We had rain, wind and snow but that didn't stop us! Here is some of our group, Abbie and Sian! I have never done any collecting for charity before but was pleased to see how generous people are! And it is for such a great cause! 

Overall, I am pleased to announce we raised £225! 
I would just like to say a big thanks to everyone who donated! 

For More Information on the Charity and their Nurses check out their Website:

Friday, 26 October 2012

The Priory Menswear & Bridlington's Scooter Rally!

You may have seen my post earlier in the year when I mentioned a new menswear shop opening in Bridlington. Well, 7 months on I thought I would do another post to share its progress.

 This weekend brings Bridlington it's famous scooter rally! A quiet seaside down with winter coming in,  quickly changes into a town full of scooter lovers with hundreds of scooters entering the town! As a surface designer I love all the different styles and colours! So will hopefully be getting some photographs of some! 

The Priory has developed over the past few months with the launch of their website!
 The store has progressed with great new brands being added each month! The men of Bridlington definitely will be in for some treats this Christmas! 

This weekend the staff has worked hard to change the store for one of Bridlington's iconic events by even managing to get hold of some scooter's themselves! And for this weekend only offering 10% off in store! 

Now the website is launched. The Priory Menswear website offers its fantastic stock to people who aren't able to travel to the store online 24/7!

I think this is a fantastic shop for Bridlington and I love to support the local!

Check it out! The Priory Menswear! 

You can find more info on The Priory Menswear on the following links! 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

CCAD Interview With the PR!

EEeek! I have never had an interview about my work before! So, I was very excited when CCAD contacted me regarding some PR about my work and current exhibition in The Alex May Gallery in Bridlington! 

I was very nervous but also excited! The interview was great and I can't wait to share the article with you when it's published! In the meantime, here is the photo's I got taken with a selection of my work! 

P.s You can find all of my items featured at the Folio, Hartlepool! Get yourselves there! 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

October Print Club!

YAY! Last week I managed to get myself back up to Hartlepool. It's been months and I have been thinking about going to print club since it opened again in September. With the nights starting to get very dark I knew last week was my perfect chance to go. 

I am so surprised how few people go to print club. If I lived in Hartlepool I would be there every week. It is such a fantastic opportunity and has great resources at such an affordable price! Any how I did make the most of the space by having a whole print room to myself! :)

If you have been following my previous posts you may remember my drawing of a Chihuahua. This was my first task at print club- to get him and Mr Duck onto a screen! 

I then took the chance to spread out and print some gold on black tote bags. I'm trying to keep producing stock so that I have a good amount available for xmas. It won't be long, I think its about 60ish days! 

I am also experimenting with something new to sell..... some little squirrel squares which will come as a little craft pack. I will screen print the squirrel on the wool but the pack will include a needle and embroidery thread for some creative person to embellish further! I'm not sure what people will think of these so I've started with a limited few to trial. 

What do you think?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Just a Quick Post to Say...

I am delighted to say that The Alex May Gallery have chosen to keep up my current display of work for a while longer! Yay! I am so proud and grateful for this opportunity. There is the wonderful work of some other local artists available to see such us the work of lovely Leanne Broadbent!

Along with the stunning work to view there is also a selection of prints, tote bags, cushions, and greeting cards to buy! 

You can find The Alex May Gallery down in Bridlington Old Town. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

HandMade in York by Pedally Steve!

Recently I had a lovely visit to York for a brief catch up with my friend Annie Potter. My Macbook went in for repair in Newcastle and she kindly met me to save me the long journey back up North. Whilst looking around we came across this guy- Pedally Steve. He was definitely a character. The man produces hand made name signs. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my post of the one I got made if not you can see it below. 

I aren't sure if the videos capture how fast his machine was actually going but it was SO fast! I can't believe he hasn't lost a finger! When we went back to get my name done it was 3 o'clock, he had been working since 10am without a break! Every name he produced had the same style font he is a very talented man. I got a few names done for some special people as little gifts. 

I especially love mine and it has its own pride and place on my desk :)

For more information on Pedally Steve here are some links below:

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My New Little Print Stand!

I love my New Little Print Stand! 
As I am starting my collection of prints and hoping to make the collection grow I needed somewhere safe to keep them. 
They are for sale if you would like anymore information please feel free to email me:

All Images and text are Copyright to Lauren Cherice Designs. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Trip to Helmsley Castle.

Yesterday, with the glorious weather, we went on a lovely day out exploring the Yorkshire countryside. On our travels we came across the small but beautiful village of Hovingham which to our delight was having a village market. 

We went for a look round and there was such a great variety of stalls. Many of which were home made foods with samples to try. I would definitely say I have a sweet tooth so this brownie stand caught my eye straight away. They produce 'Brown & Blonde' brownies which are names after the different chocolates used. 

After our chocolate experience we ventured on to Helmsley, which I also visited a couple of months ago. This time we chose to go have a look at the castle. 

These are a few snaps from walking around the castle. Even though this one below was only taken on my Iphone I love how it has captured the moody sky. We were lucky though it didn't burst out into rain!

The architecture was simply beautiful. Especially with the green fields as a backdrop. 

At the Castle you was able to explore the whole area around the building, being able to walk along the moat. Its crazy to imagine how this was like many years ago and simply amazing!