Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Print Club @ CCAD!!

To all my lovely screen printers out there.... are you needing to screen print? Do you have a passion for screen printing but not the facilities?

No problem.... Cleveland College of Art and Design, Hartlepool have a fantastic print club which runs on a Monday evening 6-9pm! I've been myself and it was great! When I went it was extremely quiet so was able to take advantage of printing and getting screens exposed. I definitely recommend it to you if your eager to print but unable to do it at home. Just one quick visit and I had fresh screens at the ready and now I'm able to work from home! There is a small cost for things but it does make you feel alot stress free by having all the equipment around you :) For more info, email CCAD :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

A Little Trip to Dalby Forest!

How fab are these wood carvings! On sunday I went on a little visit to one of my favourite places- Dalby Forest! As I child I used to go with friends and family and now being a 'big kid' its still just as fun.

Spring is in full bloom!

In some areas it was so quiet it was beautiful. It took me back to when me and Anni was on Safari, when your just sat so quiet in the middle of the countryside you can hear everything. Very relaxing! I do wonder when this lovely weather will come to a stand still.... April showers anyone?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

An Easy way to get a Black Bath!

With my printing skills at hand I have been printing brown paper bags for the shop The Priory with their logo. Starting from scratch I produced a Koda Trace then exposed a screen from home and there you go... off I went printing.

It is alot harder printing onto paper I find than fabric but I still love screen printing anyhow. When the weather was bad I was having to wash my screens out in the bath which was very messy with black pigment. Now with the lovely week of sunshine I have been able to do it outside. Thank god!

Using my tote bags I also printed them a couple of samples of totes they could use in the future. I think they look rather good myself.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Olympic Kit of GB has been Revealed!

Breaking News!..... The kit for London 2012 has been revealed for Great Britain's Athletes. So what do you think?
They have been designed by the amazing Stella McCartney with addidas. I think they look fab and so do the athletes! not sure I could pull it off myself!

Wedding's Galore!

This summer I am very excited for the wedding's of two of my best friends from Bridlington! My friend Lydia is marrying the lovely Phil and Jade is marrying her little girking-Danny! It's going to be soo cute and I know I will cry at them both in their beautiful dresses! Above, is the invitation I got for Jade's wedding which was designed by her sister! I absolutely love it, especially the cute illustrations and by using a variety of fonts give it a really quirky feel.

There is still a few months till the girls weddings but I will post some of the beautiful images nearer the time! Can't wait! Lots of love to both couples!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Welcome to The Priory in Bridlington!

The Priory is a fab new menswear shop which has just completed its first week of business in Bridlington! Named after the towns iconic church, it has been a year in the making by three local guys and is definitely what this town needs! Brands they sell include.... Edwin, Fred Perry, Religion, Penguin, Carhartt, Clae, Weekend Offender and Lee just to name a few. If you live locally it is a must visit when you come to Brid! Below are a few snaps of the shop I took.

They also have a selection of fab antiques which give it a great quirky/retro feel.
For more info on the shop please like their FB page:
and Follow them on Twitter:

Thanks :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sewerby Park and Gardens!

If you ever visit Bridlington I recommend you visit Sewerby. I used to spend alot of my childhood playing here as it also has a lovely children's play area. Along with the zoo as blogged about earlier there is also some fantastic gardens and woodland, aswell as the Hall. Here, are some of my favourite snaps.

A cheeky picture of us!

Update of the Last Week Coming Up! Part 3.

Aswell as visiting Scarborough I also took the girls to visit Sewerby Park which is just on the outskirts of Bridlington. They have a small zoo which I wasn't sure if would be open yet but it was! Below are a few shots of the animals we saw.

This rather large pig smiled nicely for the camera. Sewerby Zoo is known for its group of penguins and they was very cute. I think they thought we had come to feed them as they were all ready at their door and sticking their heads through the gap in the gate!

You all know how I love birds, and the zoo has a fantastic selection, different types with some fantastic bold colours.

This little emu really wanted a bite of Anni.

Update of the Last Week Coming Up! Part 2.

March is upon us and so is spring, fields are beginning to fill with daffodils- love them! This also meant it was time for my two friends from the north- Anni and Lindsay to come visit!

I wanted to show them as much as I could in the two days they was here, although it went by so fast it felt like they was only here a second. On the second day we went to Scarborough which was lovely. We had a nice long walk along the sea front, had an icecream (however, Anni knocked Lindsay's on the floor). We had a good walk and came across these murals on the walls down a side street. It was painted a few years ago by four different artists and took 710 hours! We thought it was amazing and adds even more colour to the seaside.

p.s Hope everyones had a lovely mothers day!

Update of the Last Week Coming Up! Part 1.

Here is the results.... So I managed to get my owl on a screen, and have had a go at printing a couple of prototypes. I am very pleased with the results. Over the next few weeks I am hoping to get some printed and sent over to the Folio Shop @CCAD in Hartlepool.

I also thought I would photograph the other designs of Tote Bags I have produced. I now have four different gold and black tote bags and four different cream totes. These too I am hoping to develop and print the new colour ways for the shop. I do love printing!

All images and designs are copyright of LaurenCherice Designs. All my totes I screen print myself at my home in Yorkshire. Printed with Love :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Scorcher of a Weekend! Lovely!

I do have to admit, although I enjoyed my last two months in the capital, when the sun is shining like it has this weekend I do love being home! Here, is a little snap I took of one of the beaches :) Also incase you haven't seen on TV, there is a new advert with Bridlington mentioned by a very famous face. Take a look, press.... Here :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

New Tote Pictures :)

Since being back from London I have been quite busy. Along with putting together screens and Koda traces for new designs, I have been using some imagery I already have. With my favourite two birds (above) I have experimented with a new colour way, and below I have also used my mirror imagery in metallic gold on a black tote. I do love screen printing!

Combined with these beautiful antiques I borrowed from the new clothing store The Priory opening in Bridlington, I am really pleased with how they look. Hopefully, these could be available in the Folio Shop @CCAD very soon too.

I hope you like :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Meet Cedric if you haven't seen him yet?

I am currently in the stages of creating some new images for tote bags and thinking of other products my imagery would be suitable on. On monday I drew this little fellow.

I love drawing birds and when I draw them with simple black biro I find it really relaxing taking my time drawing their feathers and creating the different levels of textures. Today I will start the Koda trace and get it on a screen.

Beautiful Orchid Show @Burton Agnes Hall!

At the weekend (even though it was pouring with rain outside) I went to visit Burton Agnes Hall. My grandad has worked there for many years and when I was a little girl was lucky enough to spend the majority of my weekends at the place. Visiting this weekend brought back many of those childhood memories. But what I was there to visit for was their annual display of beautiful orchids!

Within my work I love to draw natural forms such as florals and love drawing wildlife. I had my phone and camera at the ready to take some inspirational images. Here, in this post are the ones off my phone.

Very pretty don't you think?