Saturday, 29 October 2016

Hello Blog! I'm back! Where has this year been!

Hello my lovely blog! I am back! After the Christmas fairs last year, I decided to take a break in January. But not for long... I was delighted to be approached to produce the tote bags for the ESPU Congress in Harrogate 2016!

It was slight a challenge and in the end the grand total of bags was 569 totes.

Each bag had two logo's and a total of 7 colours. This was a lot of time and attention to detail, the most important screen was the text detail and ensuring the design all lined up correctly. 

I was so glad to be asked and have received some great feedback!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

East Yorkshire Open Studios 2015!

I am very excited to be taking part in the East Yorkshire Open Studios this October for two weekends!

Preparation is in full swing! A little paint here and a little tidy there, but most importantly some creativity and printing! I am so excited to have two full weekend at home with hopefully some visitors to pop by and discuss screen printing with! 

You can find myself and the very talented Jenny Morton right opposite each other! Along with Rosemary Abrahams also located in Bridlington. 

Dylan has been the first favourite I have been printing! I have also been experimenting with these hand printed fabric pieces and making them into bunting! 

I love printing and have some exciting events I am attending over Christmas! 


East Yorkshire Open Studios is on the 10th/11th 17th/18th of October! You can pick up a brochure locally in Bridlington at the Victoria Mill or please drop me a message :)

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Getting Green Fingers This Summer!

This summer I have been very busy in my garden. Last year, it was my first year practicing and finding out about my new home. I have a number of trees but last year only saw a plum or two.     This year the tree has blossomed and I have mountains of plums. Which my lovely nan has been busy making them into jam!

We have also found out we have an apple and pear tree. There is quite a few pears but only a
couple of apples. At the weekend I also discovered there caterpillars amongst my willow tree. First I found one, then I discovered 5, all eating away at the leaves. After researching I do believe it is a hawk eye moth. I will keep an eye out incase they change. I was surprised how huge they was.
I also felt lucky when I discovered this clover hiding behind my herbs!

I absolutely love my garden, it is definitely a new hobby I love. Its such a shame summer is coming to an end but I will still continue to spend time tidying when I can. This year I have managed a crop of blackcurrants, potatoes, peas, runner beans, onions, and some raspberries and strawberries. We have just planted a blue berry bush so hopefully this will be growing and produce a few in the future :)

Monday, 8 June 2015

CCAD Degree Show 2015!

It is great to see everyone's work and even more so this year. Textiles took over their entire department, displaying work around the print rooms and the dye lab! 

Loved seeing all the printed lengths hung! Very inspiring! Great use of layering colours! I appreciate the hard work as I've been there myself!

Absolutely loved the print rooms being full! 
It was great to see how the students were able to spread out and use the space! 

It was great to see the work displayed in the area it was created! I think the public will enjoy seeing the print rooms! 

It was a gorgeous day as always and there was even a cheeky photo booth! Cannot believe it's been four years since I left! I still love creating and printing!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer is on it's way I think!

It's actually getting warmer now which means I can get outside in my studio! I have been busy also getting the veg in my allotment area! Let's hope everything grows well like last year! 

I am hoping to use my garden as a focus point for photographing my work. I love flowers and nature. The garden is changing daily! 

Here is the early developments with the veggie patch :)

Dylan is also ready and waiting for the sun! He is very good at understanding when I'm working in my studio and normally sunbathes outside :) 

More posts on the developments on the veg soon! 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

A little Giveaway!

Win all these goodies from myself and Tiger Lillies! Simply head over to our Facebook pages and like both pages! 

Like the photo on our pages and simply share! 

Winner announced Bank holiday Monday at 9pm! 

Tour de Yorkshire!

May started very exciting for Bridlington with the Tour de Yorkshire! Blue and yellow flags decorated the majority of the town! 

We was just around the corner from the shop waiting for everyone and Bradley Wiggins to fly by! In which they all did so fast! 

Can you spot him! 

It was so fascinating watching it on the tv. I have always watching the Tour de France as a child so to see them cycling around familiar places was fantastic. 

Even though it was a few weeks a go now. It's still nice to see the decorations :)