Sunday, 30 January 2011

Where has January Gone....

Well, I can't believe how fast this month has gone! and especially 3rd year so far! It was a huge relief to have dissertation hand in on Friday! This little badge above, I cheekily picked up from college as they had an open day on saturday! I thought it was cute!

More Drawings...

I am really pleased with my drawings and finding it quite hard to stop :) I especially love the combinations of colours as I feel they work really well to create an eery feel with the imagery.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Back to the Drawing Board!

Still doing the odd bit of drawing but think I'm going to start development now. I think its best to have a break and then go back to drawing so you don't get bored and loose inspiration. More photo's of my drawing to come....

Busy Busy Beeeee!

What have I been up to... well at the minute I feel like I have like a thousand things to do! But today I have finally finished my dissertation woo! I think there was secretly little times when I did enjoy it though. I also have been busy photographing my work again for my digital log as some of my designs will hopefully be going to Indigo Paris again. Next job I need to finish my bradford textiles competition entry. I entered this last year but was unsuccessful but I don't think theres any harm trying again :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Final Major Project

Its been a very busy christmas, with snow, working, dissertation and the start of the FMP! Scarey stuff ey! but very exciting! So soon as we was back to Uni I couldn't wait to decorate my work bay with my inspiration again. This is my favourite part of a new project as you might of guessed from older posts.

Love me, Live with Me....

Following from my previous post, this is what I picked up at the Wondercart. These lovely 'Its been a While' postcards by Kathryn Hodgkinson were perfect for me as moving away from home I left alot of loved ones behind. So, after living with them for a while I had the perfect opportunity to send one to my close friend Jade who was getting engaged :)

Things I Should Of Blogged in 2010

This seems such a long time ago now but was during the busy time of completing my minor project so I completely forgot to Blog oops! It was such a lovely day at the Baltic and this lovely Wondercart was there with beautiful pretty things to inspire you to blog. I especially was intrigued with the quirky mouse ring- not something I would normally wear myself but so life like!