Monday, 28 January 2013

Pretty Snow Pictures!

We have all mainly had a lot of snow recently in the UK. So I thought today I would share some of my favourite snow pics from this year and last year. 

This time last year I was on a work placement at Christopher Farr, London. So I was lucky enough to experience the snow in London. Hyde park was absolutely stunning! Here are a few photo's I took whilst exploring. It felt like Narnia, very enchanting. 

This year I have experienced the snow at home. Again, it was just as lovely. Being cosy at home with the family and new addition Dylan! 

We had lots of fun in the snow. We live next door to the lovely countryside. The fields were covered in fresh snow waiting for us to come and play in. Dylan seemed to enjoy it, although it was very deep for him. I wonder if thats all the snow we will get for this year? 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Charity Auction for 'The Sick Children's Trust'!

I have recently been contacted about a local charity auction to raise money for the charity 'The Sick Children's Trust'. I have been asked if I would donate a piece of my work for this auction and I'm delighted to say yes! For such a fantastic cause!

Paul Dobson, from Bridlington, is undertaking a challenge to climb Base Camp Everest in November 2013. This will be an extremely physical challenge, the climb will take him to 5,640m altitude, covering 110kms over 14 days.

The Sick Children's trust has played a very important part in Paul's life, when his Grandson was urgently admitted to Leeds General Infirmary with Intussusception. 

Living in Bridlington and having to travel to Leeds was immense stress for the family. Eckersley house was then introduced to them as part of The Sick Children;s Trust, offering clean and comfortable accommodation where the whole family can stay close to their children's bedside.

For a family to stay in one of their homes it costs the Charity £30 per bedroom per night. The charity depends solely on donations and is not funded by the government. 

With your Help Paul hopes to raise £4,000 for Eckersley House, which will help them to continue to provide their fantastic services and continue to support other families with sick children.

Through Virgin Money Giving you can sponsor Paul online, here's the link :

Any local artists or businesses who wish to donate for the auction please feel free to get in touch. The date of the auction is still to be confirmed but I will keep you informed!

Read more about the charity here:

Thanks for Reading, Lauren.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Golden Globes.

This week, the big major news is the Golden Globe Awards. Everyone is excited to know who's won. But what their also waiting to talk about is... who's wearing what? and whether is looks good? 

I have picked a few of these beautiful ladies for you to have a look at. Below, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. Both beautiful women that look great with and without no makeup. Some people think fair skin and nude tones don't work. But in my opinion it just highlights their natural beauty. As a fellow person with pale skin. I hate nothing more than wearing fake tan. I have tried before and it just made me look like an umpa lumpa! Natural all the way! 

The lovely coral tones definitely compliment these glowing skin tones. 

As you can see, nudes where appearing here there and everywhere! Each one bringing you a different designer, shade, style and actress! 

Emily Blunt I would also say looks absolutely stunning in this backless, gold number. Her figure really suits the dress making her bum look amazing! Again another natural beauty. 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Dylan's Own Blog!

I thought it would be great to create my little french bull dog Dylan a little blog. I love how he is
growing and love taking pictures of his development. With him being a dog I felt a written diary wouldn't be best so chose to create him a tumblr blog. I've started with pictures from when we first got him and now working my way forward to today. In the future I will be sharing all his experiences. He is definitely a character. View Dylan's Blog here:

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I bet you've had a go...

I bet some of you are guilty of this too!

The other day I was browsing the net with one of my close friends and we decided to 'google' ourselves. There was a few images of my friend that appeared in the search engine but I was amazed when I googled 'Lauren Cherice Designs' the page was full of my work. 

I guess this is a good thing as it associates me with my work on the net. I hope this helps with networking and helping people who have seen my work at the gallery or at Designer Marketplace to follow my progress. 

What's your opinion on this?


Monday, 7 January 2013

First Post of 2013! The start of many....

Firstly, a BIG Happy New Year to you all! Hope it was fab and so was your Christmas! I was having a look at what I have been doing over the last year and saw my first post of 2012. I had wrote a post about my friend Beverley From Uniko Studio who had sent me a lovely Christmas. This year I was luckily enough to get another gorgeous one! I LOVE them!

Beverley is doing a 10 week workshop here's the info:

"10 Week Workshop - 

If a class isn't enough, how about a 10 week workshop?? I am running a 10 week workshop at Cleveland College of Art & Design (Hartlepool Campus) starting Tuesday 21st January.

For details & information you can email me via the address located on the right hand side of this blog or  you can for information & booking contact CCAD Tel: 01642 288000"

For more info and other workshops head over to the Uniko Studio Blog: