Friday, 5 April 2013

My Drawing of Dylan!

This is Dylan on the first day we got him! I can't believe how small he was compared to now! But he is still ever so cute! (Even if I say so). Recently my friend Abbie painted this picture for me for my birthday which I absolutely LOVE! I did however start a drawing of Dylan myself, which I am sharing with you today! 

Dylan would never sit still for a portrait so I am drawing straight from the picture. I always find animals with dark fur hard to draw, not sure why. 

I have discovered now from drawing I do have a particular style. Again, this is a drawing on tracing paper with a black biro pen. I love this method as I love the tones it creates (I have said this before). One thing I would change about this drawing is his eyes. I think I have done them too bold. Eyes are a tricky thing to draw. But I think either way he still looks like my Dylan :)

Above, is my finished drawing. I may add more depth to it at a later date and make the tones darker but I have decided to 'finish' this for now. I find sometimes its always good to have a break from a drawing, you don't want to over work it and spoil it.

I've really got the drawing bug at the moment and I'm eager to draw more. So here we go!

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