Saturday, 30 April 2011

Painted Designs...

Painted out designs are very time consuming but their definitely worth it when their done. This is the painted out design which goes with one of my lengths. Even though the painted out design is in two main colours I think because of the variation in tone of the colours it still gives the painted design depth. I really love this design and it has taken me ages to paint. Before this course I absolutely hated water colour and now I never stop using it. Very strange! I hope you like!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Proud to be British!

What a beautiful day to remember! The country seems to be on such a high for this historic wedding. It was very heart warming watching them get married and everyone look absolutely stunning! I loved how there was a nice combination of modern and traditional! And her DRESS was GORGEOUS! It was so stunning, I couldn't keep my eyes of her! Congratulations to William and Kate!

Fourth Length....

I only expected to get one design done per day this week as I only had the print table booked on two days but now I am on my fourth design. I wanted to use a variety of fabric weights, this one above is organza silk (which is why you can see my previous design through) and again I am printing the tree design. I haven't finished this design yet so I will continue with it on Tuesday! Its very strange having another 4 day weekend as I thought today was Saturday!

Number Three.....

This is my third length! This is another of my favourite designs but I did occur a few problems on the way! It isn't prefect but that's what makes the piece have that hand printed feel. This is the second of six different designs I am producing!

Second Length!

Things went quite well after my first print and I really love this design so with determination I thought I would get another colour way printed. This is the same design but has a really different feel. The mirror is created using devore and gives you the sense you can look through it. I quite like this and think it will be really interesting when hung up.

Yay! Finals on the go!

Busy busy! With only two weeks left after this week I am busy printing my final lengths! This was my first length. It is my favourite design and consists of an antique mirror design in a baroque style motif. The colours I chose I really love as they are quite rich and royal! Fitting with todays big wedding coincidently! It was very nervous to get going with my length but was fun!

Professional Practice.. DONE!

It was very hectic yesterday morning with everyone rushing about to get final bits done for their professional practice hand in. These are some photographs taken for my branding idea. I hand printed a paper brown bag with one of my bird images on. I think it looks quite sophisticated which was the idea I was going for.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Its Good Friday!

This morning I have been experimenting using my transfer dyes from my sponsor to paint with. I have been painting out one of my designs using them and I am later going to transfer them onto fabric for sampling, I have also had a go using pen on top of the dyes to see what this creates. At the moment I am so busy and I don't know where the last two weeks have gone! Any way, got to go now and get some printer ink as that has run out! Hope everyone has a fab easter weekend!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Late Night Printing!

Been experimenting doing some screen printing with my imagery for Professional Practice, I am rather pleased with the results and think what I have done so far is quite professional!

More Koda Traces..

Using my fab light box I've been tracing my designs onto graph paper in order to then do a cut threw. This then enabling me to do more Koda traces! I LOVE doing them and find it very relaxing I would love a job doing them all day! However, I do have a big work space which is getting gradually taken over with my mess!

This is my mirror design which I have put in repeat ready for when I'm back at college next tuesday and doing my lengths :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Cath Kidston Brings to you The Royal Wedding...

Everywhere seems to be doing the Royal Wedding bits and bobs but I really like the Cath Kidston ones! Their beautiful illustrations make a lovely change to having William and Kates face plastered on a mug or plate! I do fancy buying one of these!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

An Addiction!

Incase you don't know I love to blog and with it I'm slightly addicted to checking its stats and where it is getting viewed! This is this weeks audience and I think it is amazing all the countries that have had a look! It makes me wonder who the people are too! Anyhow, it makes me happy people fancy a nosey! So Hello! :)

I love my Light box!

Today I have spent the day mainly at my light box going over some not dark enough lines on my new Koda traces which are now in cut through format for my repeat lengths. Me and my boyfriend built this lightbox ourselves last summer in which it has been the best thing we ever did! Its been extremely helpful and was dead easy to make! All you need is wood, perspex, silver tape and some strip bulbs!

I am quite excited but nervous to do my lengths after easter as I am abit of a perfectionist and like everything to be perfect! So fingers crossed!

Friday, 15 April 2011

The Finished Results!

Please excuse the finger in the way of the camera but these are my three metre lengths drying in the garden. Today I managed to get three dyed! They are slightly different in tone to my sample but they should still work, I do find it very hard once you get a particular colour its hard to get the exact same one but I am pleased with the results and there is no blotches- thank god!

Dying Fabric in the Garden!

How to dye your fabric at home- using a big boiler usually for making lots of cups of tea! To get prepared for printing my furnishing lengths after easter I thought I would give it a go and dye them at home. It was very useful to have a washing line as in my flat I don't so whilst I popped home for a few days I thought I would give it a go. I used a big box to wash my fabric and the boiler to dye the fabric and it was really easy! It was like a dye lab but in my back garden!