Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Living North 2014!

November began and so did my fairs! They seemed to arrive and go as quickly as Christmas has. I also seem to have been neglecting my blog so I am trying to get a few posts in for you to read before the new year. :)

I loved the run up to my fairs. It was a little chilly in the studio but I was fine printing away with my heater and radio on full. Although with this sudden change I can barely step out side in the garden Bbbrrrrr. 

Incase you missed it at all. This was my stand. Slightly different from the year before but in the same location. For those of you who did pop by it was so nice to see some returning people. It was also lovely to catch up with stall holders from the previous years. 

I tried to print as many of your favourites as possible but I did find each day you seemed to have a different favourite design. I think mine has to be Dylan or Mr Duck. They both put a smile on my face each day. 

This year I had some new additions to the collection. I have produced some notebooks and also some hand drawn Christmas decorations. 

Here is a close up of my decorations. What do you think? 

The weekend was very busy. Again I loved every minute of the experience, I hope to be in the same place and spot next year. Fingers crossed :)

Monday, 29 December 2014

Dads Army Hits Bridlington!

Wow, I have had a busy month in November and December and just realised I have completely neglected my blog! Naughty me. So I am back and I have loads to blog about before the year is up. Firstly, it has been such a fantastic time in Bridlington for the community. It has been the home for a few weeks for the Dads Army crew for their new film to be released in 2016. I myself, was even lucky to have them film on the same street, five doors down. 

Their main filing took place on the Old Town High Street of Bridlington. The shops were painted and completely transformed into a Walmington-on-sea. Many people visited from across Yorkshire. It's a shame it wasn't summer, it was a little chilly stood watching :)

Here are some of the shops....

I popped down to the old town on a couple of occasions to have a go at star spotting. As a little girl I grew up watching Dads Army regularly with my grandad. I cannot wait to see the film. 

I was also lucky enough to get nearly face to face with Catherine Zeta Jones. She was absolutely beautiful. She arrived and left the set in a blacked out car but it was amazing to see her filming from a distance and then see her close up. The town was full of excitement. 

They filmed during the day and at night. Using a large light in the sky to create moonlight upon the high street. I was lucky enough to have them film outside my house using this. They turned all the standard street lights off and this was the only light.

The film isn't due out till apparently 2016. That seems like such a long time! I'm sure Bridlington will be counting down the days.