Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fun at the Fair!

At the minute I am exploring life around me and looking for inspiration for my next drawing sheets I am hoping to produce in the next couple of weeks. In Bridlington we get a fairground that comes twice a year but I haven't been in ages since moving away with uni. Now I'm back I thought I would go have a nosey and took these snaps :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

It's very cold in England, someone take me to Dubai!

Again, inside the mall we got to see a waterfall, so fantastic and great to see! But what was really fantastic was seeing Anni's design she sold a couple of years ago in the Desiguel shop. We couldn't believe our eyes when we just went in for a sneaky look. I've never felt so proud of her. It put a tear in our eyes.

We also saw this huge sweet shop inside the mall, everything is to the extreme by the looks of things in Dubai and this sweet shop for me says it along, along with the huge aquarium.

Steve, also took us inside one of the largest shopping malls in the world! And inside it was just as fabulous as outside! Inside was the largest (sorry I keep saying this word but its true) Aquarium! I stood in shock that I lost Anni and Steve for a moment. Such a weird place to have one but it was huge, there was even a mini cooper inside the tank.

I've probably mentioned in an earlier post about the nightmare of a journey home from Africa me and Anni had but on a plus side we had an over night stay in Dubai. Oh my was it hot though and that was at midnight- it was about 40 degrees and I was having ice-cream for supper. It was great to get a taste of the place and we even got our very own tour guide- Anni's boyfriend who happened to be there with work.

The buildings were amazing, the image two photo's previous shows the tallest building in the world. I would definitely be scared to be at the top of it! The architecture to see was fantastics. I only got a few photographs as it was dark but what we did see was so beautiful.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

New Design Britain Awards for Interiors 2012

With one of my final lengths from my Final Major Project I have chosen to enter the New Design Britain Awards for Interiors 2012 in Birmingham. In which the category I have entered is the fabric one. I chose this design as I felt it was the most complex design I produced. I particularly like the colours I have used, I think they make the design bold and the imagery itself works well within the repeat. Above, shows the five images of the final piece you have to submit as part of the competition criteria.

You also have to submit copies of your initial drawing sheets along with a detailed report on the process, above are a selection of the pages I have submitted as part of this. I have tried to present my entry in a professional manor using templates I have created in Adobe InDesign from my professional practice module. By keeping the templates simple but sophisticated I think it makes the imagery stand out. Judging takes place at the end of October.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Back in England and We had a HEATWAVE!

Exploring my nan's garden and this is what I saw......

Missing the Children!

Really really, missing teaching the children and both me and Anni miss the school so much. I spend alot of my time looking at the photo's of my time in Africa. It really did make me think about life. The time went so fast, you have to take what opportunities you can and make the most of it. Now I will have to see where life takes me next I guess. Below is some more lovely photo's of the children. They do make you smile :)

Ngorogoro Crater National Park

The weekend we spent on the Tarangire safari we had to spend the night camping to get to the next location which was the Ngorogoro Crater National Park. This is the most beautiful view we woke up to in the morning, even though I hadn't slept much the night before.

The Crater itself is from an inverted volcano which collapsed in itself thousands of years ago. The terrain was completely different from the previous safari as the land was very flat and there was hardly any tree's. Therefore we didn't see any giraffe's and only one elephant at this park.

We saw many ostrich, buffalo, gazelle, wilderbeast, hyena, fox's, warthogs and some lions.

We had our lunch by this lake and every now and then we managed to see a hippo's head pop up. We also managed to see a black rhino which is a very rare sight to see, however I didn't get any pictures as it was only visible through binoculars.

An elephants skull, it was huge!

It then began to rain at the end, we saw some more Zebra and had to put the roof back onto the safari car very fast!