Thursday, 8 December 2011

CCAD Print Club!

This week me and one of my fellow printers Miss Charlotte Pennock set on a road trip to the monday night print club at CCAD! It was quite strange being back at uni, especially knowing we aren't students any more but we soon got back into the swing of things.

Whilst I was there I was able to get four of my screens exposed so I have more designs to experiment with. Technician Vicky was at hand to remind me about screen coating as I always dread it. I don't know why, I think its because I never feel confident doing it and usually make a mess.

The three hours seemed to fly by but I managed to print a few more bags for the college shop which I believe is still open so i recommend it for a look!

It was soo great to be back in the print rooms, I love printing at home although I definitely miss the atmosphere at CCAD. If you love printing I certainly recommend print club :)

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