Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hyde Park in The Snow!

My day started with a trek through the snow to York to get the train back to London, the countryside was beautiful first thing in the morning covered (above image) especially as the blue sky was seeping to come through.

Hyde Park in the snow is Beautiful! Soon as I got to London I went to have a look. It was great to see the difference in the scenery from the previous weeks pictures. Everyone was playing in the snow! There was some huge snowmen! It was great!


  1. I can't believe there is almost more snow there than there is here. I grew up in London and it NEVER snowed! Chilly tonight on Witchmountain, I'm staying cozy with chai, toasted t-cakes and the sewing machine! x

  2. Sounds lovely, the snows gone now but Hyde park was lovely x