Wednesday, 11 April 2012

See My Designs at Printsource NEW YORK Now!

So, if your lucky enough to be in NEW YORK right now, love surface design and all things textiles you are most likely visiting PRINT SOURCE! Well, I'm very excited to say that some of my designs are there on the Cleveland College of Art and Design Stand, from the UK! 19 pieces of my work are there! If you are interested please go have have a look! I really hope some exciting opportunities of some kind come along!

If your not there, here is the work which I have sent, hope you like!

All images are copyright to Laurenchericedesigns.


  1. Arh brill Lauren, fingers crossed some fabulous people pick up your work and want more!!

  2. They look fabulous.... I am sure you will be very

  3. All is looking good, enjoy, good luck and keep us posted