Friday, 15 June 2012

My Second Appearance at Knitting Club!

As I have been busy up and down to Hartlepool I have missed a few weeks of knitting club so it was nice to get chance to sit and have a go at knitting again. I must say I'm not an expert at all but it is very relaxing so I can see why people do it. There was alot more people there from the first one and everyone was knitting so fast, so amazing! Some didn't seem to be looking at the needles! I took my friend Abbie a long and attempted to teach her what I know (which is very little) and after some help from other she was on her way! I'm excited to see how she gets on! The next one is on the 27th June at The Waterfront Cafe, Bridlington. It starts at 6! I'll show you my progress at a later date :)

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