Saturday, 4 August 2012

From North to South

I spent last weekend in Hartlepool for another hen do of this very busy wedding season! On sunday I got up bright and early to explore some beautiful places on my way home. I began at Durham! The weather wasn't the brightest but the Cathedral looked as amazing as it should!

I think Durham is such a beautiful place. It's cobbled streets and cathedral remind me hugely of York which I used to visit regularly as a child. 

Next we headed to Thirsk, by here the weather had began to brighten. In Thirsk was a fantastic food fair. There were many different stalls selling a variety of foods, the smell was fantastic! Although the choice of what to eat was hard.

We then continued on our way home, we next stopped at Sutton Bank. I never realised there was a place to stop at the top of the bank so it was a nice surprise to see lots of families enjoying the activities. 
These next few photo's show various historic re-anactments which were taking place to enlighten children to mark the start of the school holidays. It was wonderful to see face painting, jewellery making, a story teller. I know if I was little again I would of loved this!

The Beautiful View From the Top of Sutton Bank. 

Finally our last stop before home was at Helmsley. This is such a beautiful place, loads of lovely little shops and places to eat. The abbey made such a lovely photo with the clouds behind. I love exploring and travelling. I hope to continue to share my sights with you over the summer. 

Lauren x

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