Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Screen Printing with the Children at Bay Primary.

If you follow my facebook page you will have seen me say I was going into a local primary school to show my work and do a screen printing demonstration. I was quite nervous about the children understanding the method. But they was very inquisitive and curious asking lots of questions which was great! 

I was then asked to go in the following week to help them do their own screen printing. I was very surprised to see a primary school with their own screen printing equipment, I thought it was impressive! 

During the week the children had prepared their own stencil to screen print, based on looking at the work of William Morris. We then worked in groups of four using red pigment and began the printing on fabric. 

Some of the results were fantastic! It was great fun, we got rather messy too. Although I think I came off worse than the children :) 
It was great to teach the children and a learning curve for me too. 

Here are some of the results! They are going to continue in class and add more colours to the print! 
How exciting! 

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