Monday, 14 January 2013

Golden Globes.

This week, the big major news is the Golden Globe Awards. Everyone is excited to know who's won. But what their also waiting to talk about is... who's wearing what? and whether is looks good? 

I have picked a few of these beautiful ladies for you to have a look at. Below, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. Both beautiful women that look great with and without no makeup. Some people think fair skin and nude tones don't work. But in my opinion it just highlights their natural beauty. As a fellow person with pale skin. I hate nothing more than wearing fake tan. I have tried before and it just made me look like an umpa lumpa! Natural all the way! 

The lovely coral tones definitely compliment these glowing skin tones. 

As you can see, nudes where appearing here there and everywhere! Each one bringing you a different designer, shade, style and actress! 

Emily Blunt I would also say looks absolutely stunning in this backless, gold number. Her figure really suits the dress making her bum look amazing! Again another natural beauty. 

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