Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bridlington Vintage Fair!

What a gorgeous day in Bridlington it was this bank holiday Sunday...

With the sun brought lots of people and Bridlington's Vintage Fair. I have never been lucky enough to visit before due to work commitments so was so excited to be able to go at the weekend. However maybe that is a good thing as I did buy a few bits and bobs :) 

It was great to see everyone having fun at the Seaside, from live music outside to vintage cars, to even more vintage delights inside the luxurious Bridlington Spa. 

Live music played a part inside with many dancing along to the familiar songs being played. I loved seeing what people had brought for sale. As I grew up living with my grandparents I found myself spotting various items they have had themselves. Look at this box of watch faces, this looks so gorgeous as it is. 

So what did I buy...

This gorgeous floral umbrella I couldn't resist. It reminds me completely of Cath Kidston. I think it could easily be used in the sun for some shade and definitely in a down pour.

With festival season I couldn't resist these vintage levi shorts, embellished with some vintage lace. Dylan also looks like he likes them too. I'm glad he hasn't got his hands on them he would definitely like to chew the lace!

I also bought these two gorgeous felt hats! Absolute bargain at £20 the pair. I do have a habbit of buying things in various colours. Why not! They are gorgeous! 

Saving the best till last.... my favourite purchase was the gorgeous 60s sewing table. I am always on the look at for items for my new home, whether I have a place for it or not! I couldn't resist this item and when the seller reduced the price I thought it was fate! I went ahead and bought it straight away.

So if you haven't guessed I had a fantastic time! Spent a little more than I imagined but it was worth it. I'm hoping to seek out some more vintage fairs! And be at some fairs myself :)

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