Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Victoria Mill is Open!

Photo credit :Walker and Walker Photography

Well here we are after having been opened a week! It's been a long few months and a lot of hard work with everyone trying to transform this fantastic building into something for many of Bridlington and beyond.

It has been so lovely to meet many new faces and seeing friends and family also popping by for support.

We was also featured in the Bridlington Free Press which was great! 

Whether you just want to start your day in somewhere relaxing (if your me, brownie and a hot chocolate) The Victoria Mill has something for everyone.

It has been great to hear people's opinions of the transformation. Although we have had a few people still looking for Tonys Textiles :) 

So inside we have a continuation of The Priory Menswear...

Tiger Lillie's Bath and Beauty products... 

The Brew Mill...

And little old me :)

The Victoria Mill is open week days Monday to Friday till 5pm and Saturdays 9-5.30pm! Pop in and say hello :)

We hope you like it! Enjoy!

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