Thursday, 3 September 2015

Getting Green Fingers This Summer!

This summer I have been very busy in my garden. Last year, it was my first year practicing and finding out about my new home. I have a number of trees but last year only saw a plum or two.     This year the tree has blossomed and I have mountains of plums. Which my lovely nan has been busy making them into jam!

We have also found out we have an apple and pear tree. There is quite a few pears but only a
couple of apples. At the weekend I also discovered there caterpillars amongst my willow tree. First I found one, then I discovered 5, all eating away at the leaves. After researching I do believe it is a hawk eye moth. I will keep an eye out incase they change. I was surprised how huge they was.
I also felt lucky when I discovered this clover hiding behind my herbs!

I absolutely love my garden, it is definitely a new hobby I love. Its such a shame summer is coming to an end but I will still continue to spend time tidying when I can. This year I have managed a crop of blackcurrants, potatoes, peas, runner beans, onions, and some raspberries and strawberries. We have just planted a blue berry bush so hopefully this will be growing and produce a few in the future :)

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