Friday, 15 April 2011

Dying Fabric in the Garden!

How to dye your fabric at home- using a big boiler usually for making lots of cups of tea! To get prepared for printing my furnishing lengths after easter I thought I would give it a go and dye them at home. It was very useful to have a washing line as in my flat I don't so whilst I popped home for a few days I thought I would give it a go. I used a big box to wash my fabric and the boiler to dye the fabric and it was really easy! It was like a dye lab but in my back garden!


  1. This is amazing..... are you going to print these at home as well?.....

  2. could you - please put some info up with the pics such as dyes used, quantities etc. I'm trying to figure this out...

  3. Hi Diane, I will be doing most of the printing at uni as I need big furnishing screens and I only have small ones at home, it was fun though outside. It was good aswell as I didn't need to worry about making a mess! :)

    Hi Rhonda, the dyed I used was a Procion Black and Acid DS Dark Brown, 3 table spoons of each , I can give you the website where I got them from if you like.


    Lauren x