Friday, 15 April 2011

The Finished Results!

Please excuse the finger in the way of the camera but these are my three metre lengths drying in the garden. Today I managed to get three dyed! They are slightly different in tone to my sample but they should still work, I do find it very hard once you get a particular colour its hard to get the exact same one but I am pleased with the results and there is no blotches- thank god!


  1. Well done to get no blotches on such long lengths

  2. ooh well done indeed, blotches are the bane of our dyeing lives!! how many you doing ?

  3. Thanks, I've got about 6 to do, one for each design, so I've got 3 left to do eeek! I hope they go as well! I might have to try dye these in my flat as I'm back in Hartlepool now! xx