Friday, 9 September 2011

More Pretty Pictures From Africa!

I've found some more interesting pictures off my phone. I hope you like these. In my next posts I will be posting more pictures and more detailed information about what I have been doing. Enjoy!

When going out of the town we got to see many Masai Villages. They are built in such a clever way! In such small spaces inside the huts the Masai use their space well and efficiently to keep their livestock and family. With a strong thorn enclosure to protect the village.

As a treat we enjoyed these gorgeous muffins with icecream in the middle at the restaurant Lindsey Managers. They were FAB! I am certainly missing them!

We stopped on a hill top for lunch with this monkey. He was chasing everyones lunch boxes when he wasn't sat here.

This giraffe was so close to the car, and crossed right in front of us! Such beautiful animals!

This is little Derrick doing his work. He was such a funny little boy. He used to turn up later to class than the other children and soon as he opened the door had such a huge smile! He also made me and Anni laugh as he always brought it different objects in his bag, whether it be string, nuts, two mobile phone batteries? Such a character!

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