Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Teaching In Africa!

The School me and Anni worked at in Tanzania was Hope Primary School in Arusha, Tanzania. It is such a lovely school and the children are fantastic. When we was there it was their summer holidays so we was helping out with extra tuition. We wasn't sure what to expect at first. We arrived on our first day and was introduced to class 1 which became our class whilst we was there.

After the introduction we was then told we was free to do what we liked which was teach! We began with the basic alphabet to see how much they new. There was originally on the first week only 4 pupils but after we ended up with 11.

With me I took some texts books with basic maths and one with english and handwriting, both of these were extremely useful as we were able to photocopy and use them as work sheets. I think it really helped the children enjoy what they was being taught as it was more visual than just copying off the blackboard.

The children were from ages 5-8 in our class and it was quite hard as they had mixed capabilities. Some found it quite difficult to count so we had to help them with this but eventually they improved and was able to use addition like the others. By the end of our fourth week we had taught them basic subtraction aswell. It felt so good to be able to make a difference.

Most of our class here is pictured on the front row, although they look rather confused. On our last day we donated everything we brought with us to the school and they were so pleased with our donation. We also gave all the children some stickers and bought our class some marbles to take home. We used the last day as a fun day taking some silly glasses in and blowing up balloons, the children went abit wild but absolutely loved them!


  1. Lauren, these a brilliant photos. Everyone looks really happy - including you and Annie.
    Well done for making such a difference to their lives.

  2. The kids look really cute... you must of had a really rewarding time.

  3. What lovely pics Lauren. Well done to you and Annie.

  4. Thank you, the children were lovely! Really missing them so much! We even taught them Bingo! So many memories were made! Xx