Monday, 14 November 2011

Talking About Surface Design @ East Riding College

Last month I took my portfolio and some sketchbooks into East Riding College to discuss Surface Design and life at CCAD. I do get nervous talking about my work, especially to a group of people I don't know but it was a great experience and has made me more confident.

I went into the college on three occasions, and showed my work to some textiles classes and a graphics class.

Whilst discussing surface design I talked about the course at CCAD, the trade shows I have been able to visit, competitions and also talked about the importance of copyright within producing designs. It was quite hard to explain the process of producing a design in repeat to people, who don't know how to do it but with practice it becomes clearer and easier to explain.

Everyone seemed engaged, it was great to share techniques and methods and also getting feedback on my work.

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