Thursday, 26 January 2012

David Hockney Exhibition: A Bigger Picture.

I am loving my spare time and getting the opportunity to explore London. From last week until April is this fantastic exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts- David Hockney- A Bigger Picture.

David Hockney is famous world wide, but what I love about his work is my own personal connection. His inspiration for is work is where I live so I really relate to his work and love that I recognise the landscapes. Going to see his exhibition made me feel like I was at home when looking at the art.

As a textile student specialising in surface design, colour is really important to me. Within this exhibition shows some of Hockney's work of landscapes changing over the seasons, it is simply amazing to see how he varies the colour but keeping the landscape the same. It is beautiful!

His most resent works also include works on the ipad. It is great to see how he can create images with such detail and creating the same marks using technology rather than traditional methods of painting.

It is definitely work going to see. For more information about tickets and opening times, visit the Royal Academy of Arts website:

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