Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lots of Fab Magazines Out This Month!

This month there seems to be loads of good magazines out! So... as you can see- I've gone abit mad and got them all!
My favourite of them has to be Elle Collections which is only out twice a year! It is full of inspiration with the latest trends on fashion and the designers latest collections! I love it! I have also got a selection of interior magazines- to fill my brain with ideas whilst on my placement! I definitely suggest there is a few good reads here if you have a spare few pennies this month :)


  1. Vouge & Elle are really good this month ! xx

  2. Good tip Lauren thanks for that. I need some inspiration.

    Re the Hockney exhibition.... yes it looks wonderful. The landscapes are very familiar to me too because of Mark coming from Brid. We are hoping to visit the Royal Academy soon. Jx