Tuesday, 23 October 2012

October Print Club!

YAY! Last week I managed to get myself back up to Hartlepool. It's been months and I have been thinking about going to print club since it opened again in September. With the nights starting to get very dark I knew last week was my perfect chance to go. 

I am so surprised how few people go to print club. If I lived in Hartlepool I would be there every week. It is such a fantastic opportunity and has great resources at such an affordable price! Any how I did make the most of the space by having a whole print room to myself! :)

If you have been following my previous posts you may remember my drawing of a Chihuahua. This was my first task at print club- to get him and Mr Duck onto a screen! 

I then took the chance to spread out and print some gold on black tote bags. I'm trying to keep producing stock so that I have a good amount available for xmas. It won't be long, I think its about 60ish days! 

I am also experimenting with something new to sell..... some little squirrel squares which will come as a little craft pack. I will screen print the squirrel on the wool but the pack will include a needle and embroidery thread for some creative person to embellish further! I'm not sure what people will think of these so I've started with a limited few to trial. 

What do you think?