Thursday, 11 October 2012

HandMade in York by Pedally Steve!

Recently I had a lovely visit to York for a brief catch up with my friend Annie Potter. My Macbook went in for repair in Newcastle and she kindly met me to save me the long journey back up North. Whilst looking around we came across this guy- Pedally Steve. He was definitely a character. The man produces hand made name signs. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my post of the one I got made if not you can see it below. 

I aren't sure if the videos capture how fast his machine was actually going but it was SO fast! I can't believe he hasn't lost a finger! When we went back to get my name done it was 3 o'clock, he had been working since 10am without a break! Every name he produced had the same style font he is a very talented man. I got a few names done for some special people as little gifts. 

I especially love mine and it has its own pride and place on my desk :)

For more information on Pedally Steve here are some links below:

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