Monday, 25 November 2013

Dickensian Festival, Bridlington 2013.

This weekend it was lovely to be back home and have my work exhibit in my home town of Bridlington. I did completely forget that the stall was outside but I braved the cold until the evening rain came down. 

It was fantastic to see lots of local faces out for the Bridlington Dickensian Festival. The high street in the historic old town of Bridlington was full of lovely stalls and families enjoying the afternoon. Although windy my stall managed to stay intact, it was lovely as I was opposite the Alex May Gallery which also represent me and my work in Bridlington, along with other local artists.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get many photographs from the day as I didn't dare get my hands out my pockets as it was so cold. I am really enjoying these Christmas fairs. I will let you know how my next one goes, which is infact today! 

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