Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Creative finds from Goa!

I could have bought so many bold bright and colourful items in Goa. Especially these beautiful fabrics which were only £1.50 a meter! I have no idea what I want to make with them yet. I did think a very bold patchwork quilt. They would make some lovely summer dresses or even brighten up a room as a cushion. 

This was one of my favourites. I love how it isn't always perfect and there are slight areas where the print has bled. I certainly can't wait to get designing again. I've never done a design with just motifs and paisley shapes but I would love to have a go. 

I also bought some heavy woven fabrics which unfortunately I do have a cheeky snap of. These were from what I called an Indian Liberty. It was full of amazing antiques, high quality fabrics, carpets and some very sparkly jewellery. 

I also took along with me a printed tote bag, I wanted to give it to someone I met on my journey. I met a lovely lady called Anita who travelled each day to work at a beach shack on the beach. She helped them out and when all the sun loungers was full, was able to start selling her own souvenirs or paint peoples nails. She left around 7 each day, travelled home and returned the next for 9am. She sometimes has to hide her items from the coast guards as they would confiscate them. I thought it would be a good bag for her to hide her belongings in. 

We also visited one of the busiest markets in Goa. It was also on for nearly the entire night! It was fantastic! Talk about late night shopping. Lots of different pieces of art and souvenirs. Leo really liked these carved masks. At first I found them extremely scary but then after time I really liked this white one of the elephant god. It seemed to have more detail than the rest and we chose to buy it. We also bought a couple of prints by two other modern artists. 

I loved this sign that I came across on one of the artists stalls. It is known in India to haggle a good price but I completely agree with this statement :)

Cannot believe its been a month ago now! I still love looking at the photo's! 

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