Thursday, 5 March 2015

Back at CCAD!

I was delighted to be back at CCAD last week as the artist in residence! It just feels like home! I got straight stuck in and set up my work bay with lots of inspiration to kick start a new project! 

The time there seemed to go so quickly! It must of been all the fun I was having! Whist there I did a talk to each of the year groups of the textiles and surface design course. Discussing business and life after CCAD. I hope it was inspiring and made things not look as scary after Uni life. 

I also got the chance to make handmade paper. I haven't done this in years so it was great to recap on this. 

Here is what you do:

Using newsprint tare it up into tiny pieces. If you want a big piece of paper! You need a big pile!

Then, pop the paper in the blender add 300ml of water. Keep adding a little more if necessary. Blend and keep shaking the paper so the blade doesn't get stuck.

When it's like a pulp. Using the wired mesh place the pulp ontop and spread out. Using another piece of wire mesh apply pressure and place ontop.

Squeeze all the excess water out. Keep applying pressure. The squeeze again in between a backing cloth. Then leave to bake in the baking cabinate for two hours. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the finished result! But it was very exciting!

My time went so fast at CCAD. I'm hoping to start a new project and hopefully be back soon at print club asap! 

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