Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Arusha National Park

Also, in our free weekends me and Anni got to go on some safari's. I've never been on one before and absolutely loved it! If i could I would go on them all the time they are actually really relaxing. One of them we went on was to the Arusha National Park which is located near Killimanjaro. The terrain here was really green compared to the other safari's we visited. There were lots of grass and many areas of forest with monkeys. Below are some of my images, we got to see zebra, white tail monkeys, baboons, giraffe, gazelle, warthog, and flamingo's.

The giraffe were sat down which is extremely rare sight to see. The guide said it meant they felt safe in their environment from predators.

More posts on Safari's coming soon....

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