Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ngorogoro Crater National Park

The weekend we spent on the Tarangire safari we had to spend the night camping to get to the next location which was the Ngorogoro Crater National Park. This is the most beautiful view we woke up to in the morning, even though I hadn't slept much the night before.

The Crater itself is from an inverted volcano which collapsed in itself thousands of years ago. The terrain was completely different from the previous safari as the land was very flat and there was hardly any tree's. Therefore we didn't see any giraffe's and only one elephant at this park.

We saw many ostrich, buffalo, gazelle, wilderbeast, hyena, fox's, warthogs and some lions.

We had our lunch by this lake and every now and then we managed to see a hippo's head pop up. We also managed to see a black rhino which is a very rare sight to see, however I didn't get any pictures as it was only visible through binoculars.

An elephants skull, it was huge!

It then began to rain at the end, we saw some more Zebra and had to put the roof back onto the safari car very fast!

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