Saturday, 15 October 2011

New Design Britain Awards for Interiors 2012

With one of my final lengths from my Final Major Project I have chosen to enter the New Design Britain Awards for Interiors 2012 in Birmingham. In which the category I have entered is the fabric one. I chose this design as I felt it was the most complex design I produced. I particularly like the colours I have used, I think they make the design bold and the imagery itself works well within the repeat. Above, shows the five images of the final piece you have to submit as part of the competition criteria.

You also have to submit copies of your initial drawing sheets along with a detailed report on the process, above are a selection of the pages I have submitted as part of this. I have tried to present my entry in a professional manor using templates I have created in Adobe InDesign from my professional practice module. By keeping the templates simple but sophisticated I think it makes the imagery stand out. Judging takes place at the end of October.


  1. I love your fabrics.... good luck for the award!

  2. GOOD LUCK!!!! so pleased you're keeping up with the competitions! that Professional Practice module sure comes in handy! :-)

  3. these sure do look professional!!
    really, really nice work lauren, in fact i would go as far to say that they're 'totally BONZA designs!' know what i mean??

    Good luck, i should get back onto the competition wagon....


  4. Fab! Looks good Lauren, I meant to pop a few things in for that comp, but with moving, Decorex and other stuff I've not managed it :-( Although I did enter the rug design part of that competition!

  5. These are amazing! You're a pro. Good luck!