Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Damien Hirst Exhibition at the Tate!

Warning.... Spoiler Alert as I have included alot of Images from the Exhibition!

I had noticed a show on Channel 4 a month or two ago about Damien Hirst but not managed to watch it, but since I have seen his exhibition advertised at the Tate I have been dying to go. Luckily I have now had chance!
It was definitely an eye opening exhibition. My favourite part of it being the room of butterflies.... walking into the next room of the exhibition I didn't expect there to be a huge amount of butterflies free and flying around. It was amazing. I love them as it is but to see so many varieties and see them flying around quite freely was fab! I love how this room shows the life cycle of a butterfly with the caccoons hung on the walls with some of them open and some still closed.

Even though some may find looking inside the body of an animal disgusting, the way the animals are displayed in this exhibition makes it so intriguing.

Again, more butterflies! How fantastic are the colours of this piece below..

The Exhibition is on at the Tate till September! Get Yourselves There!

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