Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Trip to Sledmere House.

Last week I found out a friend of mine was exhibiting her work at Sledmere at The Triton Gallery. I first met my friend Lauren Ward at Yorkshire Coast College during our foundation year. When moving to Hartlepool I lost a bit of contact with some of my lovely friends from Bridlington so it was great to catch up and see how her work has developed. 

With summer coming to an end I thought it was best to make use of what sunshine we get and also went to visit Sledmere House itself and its enchanting Walled Gardens. It was quite windy but that didn't stop the lovely photo's....

I love these beautiful tiles in the Turkish Bathroom. The room is stunning! 

Sledmere is also in the public eye not only for its gorgeous stately home but as a village. David Hockney has famously painted the village in his fantastic collection of Yorkshire landscapes. 

If your in Yorkshire I would definitely recommend visiting this quite little Yorkshire Village. 


  1. I've been meaning to go to Sledmere House for years and your post has really sold the place to me Lauren! I love the look of Sledmere village which you pass through on the scenic route to Bridlington from York. There's that magical painting that David Hockney did of Sledmere which he painted from memory I think.

  2. Yes! It is fantastic. My grandad works and Burton Agnes Hall and knows both families from the Hall and Sledmere House so I've been very lucky to get to visit them when I like :) You should definitely try visit before the winter gets in! :)

  3. I will Lauren! How fabulous to be able to visit both of those lovely houses when you fancy.