Friday, 7 September 2012

Drawings From the Last Few Weeks!

Over the last few weeks I have picked my pen back up and been back drawing! One of my favourite things to draw is animals. If you follow my blog you will see I especially have a love of drawing birds... this is also where I began this time... with Mr Duck.

I really enjoy drawing on tracing paper, especially with biro. I feel you can get softer lines and marks than drawing on paper. With my duck drawing I also wanted to experiment with colour but not to ruin the original I used pro-markers on cartridge paper and layered the tracing paper on top. I think this worked quite well, I only have a limited collection of pro-markers so had to make use of the colours I had available. 

From producing Mr Duck I was eager to draw something else. When going through some of my old drawing sheets I came across a simple line drawing of Jack (see below). I am really happy how he turned out. Jack is a close friend of mines dog and I really miss them both, he has such a fun character!

Having posted the image of Jack on my Facebook page I had abit of interest from a couple of people saying I could draw their dogs. One dog who I am familiar with is Coco the Chihuahua. She caught my eye and her long hair really appealed to me to get drawing... so here she is below. 

I haven't decided what I want to use the recent illustrations with but I will keep you posted!

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