Monday, 10 September 2012

My Scarf is Finished!

Well, I definitely find screen printing alot easier than knitting but I have enjoyed knitting my first scarf and for such a great cause. It was a little over the 45 inches but I thought I would use up the last of my ball. I am impressed with how neat my first scarf is and got great feedback from the other knitters. Overall with everyones contribution we managed to knit 90 scarves to send to the soldiers in Afghanistan. Well done everyone! 

 I do have to admit though I missed it when I had finished it! So, I've now started this purple/pink one below. This one is only 40 stitches wide so I hope now I've had some practice I will get it finished abit quicker.  


  1. Like the knitting Lauren. You should get some tips from Mavis she's a master knitter.