Sunday, 18 November 2012

'Dirty Pretty Things' Exhibition At The Spa, Bridlington

'Dirty Pretty Things' is a fantastic art exhibition by two university friends! (Who are also both from Yorkshire) The work of Leanne Broadbent and Rhea Sherriff-Hammond is fresh and very enchanting. I found myself and my imagination getting lost within the work and my childlike character coming out! 

Both Mix media artists, I love the similarities and contrasts in their styles of work. It is easy to see why these two artists choose to exhibit together as their work definitely engages and captures your imagination!

As a textiles and surface designer myself I love how both artists combine fabrics within their work. The use of layering of other media's such as oils,pen and ink gives it an added texture which appeals to me. I found myself studying the detail of the textures very closely. Amazing!

The Exhibition is on till the 23rd November, and what's even better its FREE! So an even better reason to go enjoy some art! Go have a look! It's stunning!

For more information about what's on at The Spa, Bridlington and the artists featured click on the links below! 

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