Monday, 19 November 2012

News: In the Press! Yay!

I have had some features.....

I have been very lucky the last two weeks as I have been featured in a few places with my work. If you saw my previous post about having an interview with the CCAD PR you will know this was what I was waiting for! 

Firstly I have been featured on the FE Week website above and then also featured on the CCAD Website. But what was an amazing surprise was to be featured in my own local newspaper called the Bridlington Free Press. I didn't know I was going to be in till someone told me I was on page 4! It was lovely and has made me feel very proud! 

I would like to thank CCAD for interviewing me about my work! 

The Bridlington Free Press is still available till Thursday so if you fancy a read you can get a copy now! 

P.s I would just like to add the shop in Bridlington where you can find my bags is called 'Behind The Times' here is their Facebook Page!